Thursday, March 29, 2012

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside my window...  Outside my window it's breezy and cool.  We had a short thunder storm blow through early yesterday.  It left Banjo scrambling to find cover under Momma's legs for a few minutes.  The grass is greening up very fast.  We'll have to mow shortly.

I am thinking...  Thinking about my never ending to do list.  Thinking about moving.  Thinking about cleaning.

I am thankful...  I am always thankful for the things the Lord does for me each week.  I am thankful for my salvation.  For grace and mercy.  I am thankful for my friends and for my family, far and near!

In the kitchen...  We had chicken nuggets, french fries and buttered corn for lunch.  Daddy is working tonight keeping you all safe.  It will be an easy dinner tonight, maybe sandwiches.  I am trying to decide if I want to do my grocery shopping this afternoon.

I cleaned the oven yesterday.  It was BAD dirty!  It took me two hours on my hands and knees .  .  . scrubbing  . .  . scrubbing!  (On my wish list for my next place, a self cleaning oven. . .please!)

I've been trying to empty things out of my pantry, freezer and cupboards.  The shelves are all getting bare-er.  I've got a little bag of things I know I wont use in the next 6 weeks all packed to go to the neighborhood food pantry.  My menu the next few weeks reflects the cleaning process, using up pasta, meats and a few of the casseroles in the freezer.

I am wearing... 

I am wearing army green cargo pants and a white tee.  I am a bit cold as my arms are bare.  I'm holding in my hand a hot mug of 'Constant Comment' tea lightly sweetened with natural Tennessee honey.

I am creating...  My husband and I started the seat cover project for his TOY-ota today.  We've got the patterns made.  I may surprise him and sew the covers for the sun visors this evening.

I am reading/watching...
 I am reading "The Jungle"  by Clive Cussler and Jack DuBrul
The Jungle (The Oregon Files, #8)

Still on The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.  We don't watch it every night so it is taking a long time to finish the series. 

I moved a few items up on my netflix queue and recently watched Chonda Pierce
"A Piece of my Mind"

At home to watch this weekend . . .

The Trial

Rabbit-Proof Fence

I am praying...  As always I am praying for the desires of my heart.  I've really had the 'want another baby bug' bad the last month or so.  I'd LOVE to have more children, that's one of the desires of my heart.  Praying for our move.  Praying for far away family.  Praying for me.  Praying for my husband.

I am looking forward to...  I am looking forward to the weekend.  It's my 42nd birthday on Sunday.  I'm making my own cake, Coconut.
We'll have homemade burgers and fries Saturday with the cake. 

As a present, I want to spend the whole day with only my family and to go to Golden Corral for my meal.  Golden Corral is about 80 miles away! 

From the learning rooms...  We're plugging along~  Addition of large numbers.  Addition of money.  Writing practice.  Spelling practice.  On his spelling list this week, a word I miss-spell frequently, excersize!  EXERCISE!!

One of my favorite things...  Surfing craigslist

5 car garage for my manly man

Adorable cottage for me

A ranch style home in my favorite town, Ramona, CA.

A small 2 bedroom ranch nestled among a vineyard.

Something to Share...Remember the seat cover I told you we wanted to order for our new Monster Truck?

We changed our minds.

They will be Aztec Blue and will be delivered in a few weeks.

We bought a canopy for the new Monster Truck on Monday.  This will give us a secure place to haul some things we don't trust with movers.  It has tinted windows and a locking door.  My husbands BRAND NEW trailer should be ready to pick up the week after next.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

 In few moments I am leaving to take Chris, Sharon and baby Anastasia to the airport.  They are flying out to Seattle to house hunt.  Chris has a new job!!

We are so excited for this HUGE change for them.  She is a Jersey girl who has lived here most of her life.  He is a military brat, so change is normal for him.  They are excited to see what the LORD has in store for them in Seattle.

~~Have a great weekend dear FRIENDS!!~~

Thursday, March 22, 2012

~~It's Thursday!!~~

Outside my window...  Outside my window it's about 75 degrees.  I'm sitting in my garage with the door open looking out on the busy street.  I just cleaned the carpets in the truck and it's airing out.  I'm listening to the Robins, Mockingbirds and some type of Finch singing their hearts out!

The Maple trees budded out this week.  We should soon see leaves.  The Oak trees are next.  I don't like their pollen!  It bothers me more than other pollens.

I am thinking...  Thinking about those moving projects.  I WILL be doing the pictures in the next few weeks.  I've got to update the photo albums and get that picture wall current.  All the things that will need dusted and organized.   I did switch out my long sleeve clothes for short sleeve and organized three closets this week!

I am thankful...  I am thankful we have a MOVE DATE!!  The moving company will pack and pick up our things May 25-30th.  We should be in San Diego for my manly man to report to his new job no later than June 13th.  We are pretty stinking excited!

In the kitchen...  Tonight it's homemade velveeta with shell  macaroni, grilled chicken tenders and wilted spinach salad.  I think we will go to the our version of Sam's Club, it's called BJ's, and shop for a beef roast tonight.  Beef Roast is for Sunday dinner.

I am wearing...  CAPRI pants, yeah SPRING!!  I even wore sandals yesterday.  I feel very white/pale.  I'm also in short sleeves!

I am creating... We'll be cutting patterns for those TOY-ota seat covers soon.  He wants to re-cover the sun visors first.  I want to get that done as it's a major project.  Yippee. . . that I don't have sew seat covers for the new truck as well.  The new truck has leather seats and we wanted to get a cover on them so Banjo doesn't make holes and also to give a barrier between bare summer legs and hot seats for our trip cross country.  This is the fabric we picked out for those seat covers.

I am praying...  Praying for desires of my heart, as always.  Praying for just the right little place that the Lord will have saved in San Diego for us.  Praying for Maggie and Aaron during this deployment time, for his school date.  For far away family.  For wisdom.  For my health.  For my husband.

I am reading/watching...I am reading Clive Cussler's Skeleton Coast

We are watching The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on Netflix

and watching a few Nature shows we found on PBS Nature.  "Skunks"

I am looking forward to...  I am looking forward to the weekend.  Roast dinner on Sunday with Bachelor David, Chris, Sharon and Anastasia.  Time spent with my handsome men.

From the learning rooms...  We're still plugging along.  Three digit addition with carrying, Writing complete sentences.  Spelling.

I've got my notes done on New Testament Giving.  I'll have to share.

Around the house...  Floors have been vacuumed.  Dishes are clean.  I dusted last Friday.  We've shown the house once already, last Saturday, and maybe some more in the future.  We've advertised this place at my husbands work.  I have a pumpkin candle in the candle melter, the house smells good.

One of my favorite things...  I've posted before, that my husband likes to surf E-Bay for great finds, steals of deals, TOY-ota parts, more TOY-ota's etc. . .

I LOVE to look at houses.  I like to drive by them at dusk when the lights are on but the curtains haven't been shut yet.  I like to look at decorating magazines.  I like to look at homes on has been fun too!

The next three pictures are of a small horse ranch that's just above, and out of, our price range.  It DOES have an in-law suite with kitchen . . .  it's gorgeous!!

. . .and this last place, not sure if that is the house in far part of the picture, or if that is the acreage that comes with it.  It's beautiful in San Diego this time of year!!  So green.

Too bad I don't have a picture of the one that was listed on the street called Avenida Del Diablo!  What a great name!  I'd live there just for that name alone.  Avenue of the Devil!!  I thought that's where I live now?

And just because a new place needs new decorations . . .


Quilts for my bed

area rugs

That's all for Thursday from my house.  Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I've Been Listening to Recently

We watched The Peasall Sisters: Family Harmony Video over the weekend.  We're in love!  (You can rent it from Netflix)

I love this song.

We also loved this song.