Friday, August 21, 2015

At My Goal

In these pictures, I am not wearing the same clothes.  I wanted to post anyway.  I made my weight loss goal today.  I must say that Trim Healthy Mama is the way to go.  I've lost 23 pounds since February.  I am at 133 pounds and am very happy.  I went to Goodwill today to purchase new shorts as my size 10's were falling off.  The shorts in the picture are SIZE 4.  Size 4!!!!!!!!!  Hello...I said SIZE 4!!! 

 These pictures are when I think I was looking my heaviest.  Granted I AM standing to a wisp of a woman who at her heaviest weighs as much as my right thigh...
 So I will just crop her right out of the picture.  Love You Kelly!

Very pleased :-)

Welcomce Sister!

Dear Eli,

I am so thankful that you get to come and see us (me.)  We can't wait to see you.  Your room is ready for you.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MaMaw's Hair

MaMaw cut her hair.  it had started to look pretty badly damaged on the ends in the back.  I chopped a good 6 inches off of it this morning and this is what I am left with.  The pictures make it look crooked, but it's not.



Friday, August 14, 2015

It's Friday

It's been a while since I had a real post.  I've a few minutes today and would like to do an update!

For Today... It's Friday!!

Outside my window...  Our hot part of summer is here.  About 100 degrees forecast for the next several days.  

I am thinking...  When it gets this hot I dream about camping in the mountains.  Maybe in Oregon under a tree with the smell of pine.  A babbling brooke nearby.  Wild daisies growing around the camp and blackberries to pick.  Birdsong from a tree.  Aaahhh....

I am thankful...  I am thankful for many things.  God continues to bless me and I am humbled and eternally grateful.

I am wearing...  I have on a gray, light knit dress that "makes" me think I might be a bit cooler today.

I am creating...  I've gotten one of my projects complete.  The photo wall is done with the exception of photo's of my nieces and nephews from my two sisters. (cough-cough)

I am going...  Vacation Bible School is tomorrow.  We are expecting about 20 children.  It should be interesting to see how it turns out.  I don't know that we are very well prepared this year.  I am thankful we are only doing 4 hours in one day and not a whole week of bible school.

I am planning... I think our fall schedule is filling out nicely.  
Our anniversary is at the end of September.  I want to go camping in the mountains near Bishop, CA. 

In October, the San Diego Bluegrass society is planning a camp out pretty near to our home.  It sounds like it might be a lot fun.
 (this is the campground)
For Thanksgiving we are going to travel to Missouri.  My In Laws recently purchased a gorgeous property with 40 acres.  I am very curious to see the new place.  My Sister In law and Brother In Law and some of their children will be there as well.  It will be nice to soak up some In Law love.

I've invited my Mother to come and spend a few weeks with us for Christmas.  She wants to take the train.  I am kinda jealous.  I want to take a train New Mexico...with my manly man...

I am reading/watching...
I am reading Life of Pi.  So far it's a very good book.

We've not started any new video series yet.  we've watched a couple good ones recently especially one called "Granite Flats."  A must see!

I am praying... On August 24th I am scheduled to have a a total hysterectomy with the removal of my remaining ovary.  The Endometriosis has almost engulfed my left ovary.  It is now a mass measuring about 7cm x 9cm.  I've seen three different doctors and gotten three opinions.  They all agree with the first doctor, that this course of treatment will be best with the advanced stage of Endometriosis.  At this time it is still unknown what that left ovary is... hence the term "complex ovarian mass."  The surgeon is wondering if there is Endometriosis within the bowel.  He (he is an Oncologist remember) is preparing for cancer staging and bowel resection.  I serve a great and mighty God and know he will not direct my path beyond what he wants for me.  I am praying specifically for no cancer and no bowel resection.  Also praying that recovery will be swift and that I will be free from hormone swings and discomfort.  Pray for me if you will.

From the learning rooms...  I have yet to enter our final grades from 6th grade.  7th grade curriculum arrived yesterday.  My student is not thrilled.  We will be doing English, Mathematics, Penmanship,Science, History and Art.  We will start mid to late September.

In my garden...  The garden is almost done.  Our heatwave will finish off quite a bit.  The lettuce is bolting.  I've got bugs on my collard greens.  I've got a new summer squash this year called Peter Pan.  That is the plant you see in the picture.  Nice and healthy.

In my kitchen...  I love Poppy Seed dressing.  But...only a certain type.  It's only found in Missouri.  I recently ordered a case because the 6 bottles my sister in law brought me in June are almost gone.

A favorite quote for today...
Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good work and word.
II Thessalonians 2:16-17

A peek into my recent days...  My manly man had his gallbladder removed on July 13th.  He came out of surgery recovery spouting nonsense about how beautiful and wonderful I was.  As we were walking around the nurses desk trying to be released he is telling me about an airplane he is in love with too.
...and because I love him...

I cut my friend Cynthia's hair.  It has been almost a year since she was at Beth's Beauty Parlor.  after her haircut, we went to lunch at a cute little coffee shop I discovered when my sister in law was here.

My second grandchild was born last month.  He is just the cutest BIG boy.

(I think Walter looks a lot like his Uncle Bubba.)

We were able to get away, in June, for one night and relax with the sounds of the ocean in the background.

One of my favorite things...  Some day I will have a house of my own.  One that can paint and decorate and remodel if I want.

 I am really loving this purple Thomas Kincade kitchen!!

So to help my contented-ness.  I will decorate my space...
 a new teal colored stinky candle

  and new yellow placemats on the table

 this is what they look like up close...

From the Pinterest board room...  I added some new boards.  It's all about Trim Healthy Mama.  Hubby is down 33 pounds and I am almost 20 down.

Post Script...  I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  I hope to be more diligent in my blog writing. I aspire to great things.  My follow-through is bad.I'm praying the rest of your summer is wonderful!!

Thank You Simple Woman for the inspiraation for this post!