Friday, August 21, 2015

At My Goal

In these pictures, I am not wearing the same clothes.  I wanted to post anyway.  I made my weight loss goal today.  I must say that Trim Healthy Mama is the way to go.  I've lost 23 pounds since February.  I am at 133 pounds and am very happy.  I went to Goodwill today to purchase new shorts as my size 10's were falling off.  The shorts in the picture are SIZE 4.  Size 4!!!!!!!!!  Hello...I said SIZE 4!!! 

 These pictures are when I think I was looking my heaviest.  Granted I AM standing to a wisp of a woman who at her heaviest weighs as much as my right thigh...
 So I will just crop her right out of the picture.  Love You Kelly!

Very pleased :-)

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  1. You are beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, and perfect no matter what. But healthy looks great on you. : )