Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday!  New Years Eve.  Happy New Year Friends and family.

Outside My Window~  Started to snow right after I got up this morning.  We are expecting at least 3 inches before tonight.


I am Praying~  To have a great 2010 filled with many unexpected blessings from the Lord. 

Praying also for the safety of my manly man as he works in the city today and  into tomorrow...keeping America safe.

I am Creating~  I am not even thinking about doing any creating!

From the Kitchen~  We may get Chinese take out tonight from the little place on the next block.

Beside my bed~  Two of my movies came yesterday.  I started a mystery series called Rosemary and Thyme.  It was fairly okay watching.  I wouldn't watch it with the the young-uns as there were some references to children of unmarried parents and a drinking scene.

From the school room~  Rest and Recuperation for a few days more.  Home school resumes again Monday morning.

I am wearing~  Planning to stay in my pj's a bit longer!

Around the house~ Christmas decorations still up.  I was wanting to take them down today but my manly man decided he wants to enjoy the tree and decorations for another week.  That's okay with me.  I love the tree in the evening with soft music playing.

A few plans for the rest of the week~ No watch night services at church.  No parties to attend.  I am kinda glad    I am a homebody and much prefer staying in and staying cozy  with a book and a cuddly (almost) 7 year old... looking at picture books together.

I am sharing~  A book recommendation.  I love these books.  They are some of my favorite childrens books!

the night before christmas

#2 son received this for Christmas.  We love the I Spy books as well.  We've received so many hours of enjoyment out of these books!

Be Blessed!   Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

I went to the library yesterday.  I checked out several cookbooks.  I love to browse them to get ideas and copy recipes.  I've heard about a cookbook I wanted to view I found it yesterday.  I  must highly endorse the cookbook, the writer and her blog.

Please go visit her sight to receive a great blessing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Menu Monday Musings

~~Menu Monday~~

Monday~  Shepherds Pie

Tuesday~ Lasagna Alfredo Roll Ups, green salad, rosemary bread

Wednesday~  Chicken and Apple Sausages, Hashbrown Casserole, green beans, fruit salad

Thursday~  Chinese Take Out??

Friday~  Jack Cheese Chicken Enchilada Casserole, with rice and refried beans

Saturday~ Hot Dogs, Macaroni and Cheese, Cole slaw or salad

Sunday~  Beef Stew and Skillet Cornbread

Outside My Window~  Dark, getting cooler after a really nice day yesterday.

I am Praying~  To be a blessing.

I am Creating~  I too am going to work on my blog this morning and that is about it.

From the Kitchen~  Something easy, using leftovers

Beside my bed~  A mystery set in the early 1900's involving police and trains.  IRON HORSE by Edward Marston.  So far it's a decent read.
The Iron Horse

Also beside my bed, my new toy, the portable DVD player.  Can't wait for my movies to get here.
Sony DVP-FX930 9-Inch Portable DVD Player, Black

From the school room~  Rest and Recuperation

I am wearing~  Planning to stay in my pj's a bit longer!

Around the house~ Christmas decorations still up.  Probably not for much longer.

A few plans for the rest of the week~ I want to go to the library today.  Get some more books and browse the cookbook section.  Gotta go to the DMV.  Taking one of our bachelors to the Dr. tomorrow afternoon.

Have a great week friends!  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Saturday!

((my table centerpiece))

Out my window~
Dark and Rainy

I'm sharing... Christmas pictures

((ready to open presents...yes  sir!"))

((This is my cinnamon roll...yummy!))

In the kitchen today~
Leftover soup, chowder, rolls and salad.

Around the house~  Empty the dishwasher... not much else.  I don't want to strain my brain!

I am praying~  For wisdom.  For protection.  To be a blessing.  To be a good witness.

From the schoolroom~ A blessed break.

((He loves to open presents!  Every year he gets to open his presents first!))

I am creating~  creating is taking a break this week also!

((thank you Grandma for making our wonderful slippers!))
I am thankful~  For being able to share Christmas with our friends.

For the rest of the day~ Our friends Chris and Sharon are coming over to help clean up leftover food. 

For the next few days~  I'll be playing with my new Christmas present and just relaxing.
Sony DVP-FX930 9-Inch Portable DVD Player, Black
I've ordered some harder to find movies from
 My manly man will be working New Years Eve in the big city.
#1 son and manly man still have  the new little car in the garage working on brakes and exhaust, they are trying to get that project done.  I need to get into the DMV and get my new baby licensed up

Remember the personalized plate?  I am thinking of ~ DRTY RAT after the guy who burglarized us.

I pray you all had a blessed Christmas.  I am so thankful that Jesus was born and purchased my salvation with his shed blood.  I love just giving HIM thanks this time of year.

((New clothes and a dirty face!))