Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Saturday!

((my table centerpiece))

Out my window~
Dark and Rainy

I'm sharing... Christmas pictures

((ready to open presents...yes  sir!"))

((This is my cinnamon roll...yummy!))

In the kitchen today~
Leftover soup, chowder, rolls and salad.

Around the house~  Empty the dishwasher... not much else.  I don't want to strain my brain!

I am praying~  For wisdom.  For protection.  To be a blessing.  To be a good witness.

From the schoolroom~ A blessed break.

((He loves to open presents!  Every year he gets to open his presents first!))

I am creating~  creating is taking a break this week also!

((thank you Grandma for making our wonderful slippers!))
I am thankful~  For being able to share Christmas with our friends.

For the rest of the day~ Our friends Chris and Sharon are coming over to help clean up leftover food. 

For the next few days~  I'll be playing with my new Christmas present and just relaxing.
Sony DVP-FX930 9-Inch Portable DVD Player, Black
I've ordered some harder to find movies from
 My manly man will be working New Years Eve in the big city.
#1 son and manly man still have  the new little car in the garage working on brakes and exhaust, they are trying to get that project done.  I need to get into the DMV and get my new baby licensed up

Remember the personalized plate?  I am thinking of ~ DRTY RAT after the guy who burglarized us.

I pray you all had a blessed Christmas.  I am so thankful that Jesus was born and purchased my salvation with his shed blood.  I love just giving HIM thanks this time of year.

((New clothes and a dirty face!))


  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas!  I love what you are praying for, I could stand for some of that as well...  Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks like you had a great Christmas.  Love you gift   I got a ntebook  I also echo your Christmas prayer. 

  3. I think his "dirty" face is positively handsome!!  Maybe, my nephew can do no wrong??  Love you sister!

  4. He looks so handsome...I like his new look.  Yay for your new dvd player.  What new movies did you order?  We've had a great time here in Idyllwild.  We're headed to San Diego on Monday for a few days.  I'll be thinking of you.  Do you need anything special from SD?  Enjoy your Saturday. 

  5. Love your center piece.  Looks like you and your beautiful family enjoyed Christmas and are enjoying your break.  Blessings and light to all of you.  Love the new laptop.

  6. Banjo didnt get booties??? LOLLooks like everything went swell for you all. I bet you will enjoy that new gift!Everybody looked happy.

  7. @jessnboyz - A Storm In Summer, The Velveteen Rabbit (the feature Films for Families Version), Though None Go With Me,  Strauss: The King of Three Quarter Time,  Flywheel, An Angel for May,  Poirot: Hercule Poirot's Christmas~ and series called Rosemary and Thyme from the BBC.  For a monthy fee you can rent from and return movies via envelope or get free ones from the local store.  Our blockbuter is pretty small and doesn't carry a lot of old stuff.  I miss the blockbuster in Kodiak, they carried a great selection of movies.  II was wanting to watch and old mini series called 5 Mile Creek too, but it seems unavailable.

  8. @jessnboyz - ps...smell the smells for me, eat some good mexican food and go down to the beach for me.   Wish I could be there!

  9. @betheelou - Hey, I ordered five mile creek a couple weeks ago from netflix.  I remember watching it when I was younger and really enjoyed it.