Thursday, March 31, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside my window~  Snow and rain coming our way tonight.  It is cold right now. It must be spring. . .somewhere

I am thinking~ I am always thinking.  I am thinking about dinner tonight.  A movie and snuggling in bed.

I am thankful for~ We heard from our young Coast Guardsman on Wednesday.  I am thankful for his safety.  He is well and enjoying some good snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of a place that rhymes with tuba.  He is working on getting qualified to stand watch.  He says the food is not too great. The best night was pizza night when someone, who was not a cook, made the pizza!

From the learning room~  Achievement testing today and tomorrow.  Easy days.   I think maybe he gets a bit worked up about tests!

I am inactive on my class, New Testament Survey.  I really need to read the first four books of the new Testament before I continue my studies.  I also want a Webster's 1828 dictionary for my bible classes.

From the kitchen~ This week has been a different week.  Not too exciting.  We went to Cheesecake Factory Tuesday night.  I was disappointed.  My food tasted good but was soaking in at least 1/8 C. of oil.  I had a Raspberry Lemon Cream cheesecake, it was delicious.  Yesterday we went to Five Guys for a cheeseburger lunch.  Tonight we are having biscuits and gravy with fried cabbage.  Tomorrow is my 41st birthday.  I have requested PF Chang's and a maple bar or maple long john as my cake.  I doubt I'll get one of the maple bars.  I haven't seen one since we lived in Alaska.  People here, don't know what they are, we asked too!

  I am wearing~  I am wearing comfy jeans and a Coast Guard hooded sweatshirt.

I am creating~   I met a family at church on Sunday who will be homeschooling 4 children in the fall.  She asked me a ton of questions.  I am going to put together a packet of information for her and drop it by the church for her next week.  Not creating much else.  I did buy some artificial greenery yesterday for refreshing some things at my house.  I'll be sure to take pictures if I change anything.

I am going~ I have been to jury duty this week.  On Tuesday my husband dropped me off at 7:55 AM to my county courthouse for my jury service.  I was never selected for anything and was released at 2:15 PM  I had a fun day watching people and staying out of trouble.  We'll probably pick up bachelor David on Saturday and take him to get a haircut and then over to our home for lunch.

I am reading/watching~  I watched a dvd series I totally LOVED.  #1 Ladies Detective Agency.  It was a great show!!  I could watch the whole series again.  I'd rate it PG as it did have suggestive episodes and contained the drinking of alcoholic beverages. 

I will confess that I have tried to read these books and found them very hard to get into and put the first one down within the first chapter.

Around the house~  It's fairly clean.  Laundry is put away, beds are made.  Kitchen is tidy.

  I am praying~  I am praying for far away family.  for the desires of my heart.  For wisdom.
Something to share~ I am sharing the results of some recent shopping trips.  Remember I was going to go and see what HOMEGOODS was about?  Well we went and I loved it.  I took restraint on myself and only made one purchase in that store.

I put my chunky funky necklaces on this hanger.

I found this cute twig nest with flowers at the thrift store.

I found a rack for holding my beaded watches at Michael's Craft.

Have a great weekend Friends!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside my window~  We had snow yesterday.  It is cold again.  I loved the little teaser we experienced last week with a nice day.  It will be so nice to have winter over with.  We did get our first thunder and lightening storm last night.  It was surprising.

I am thinking~  I am thinking that I am a little blue this week.  I miss my oldest son.  He and his ship got underway for his first 'deployment' yesterday.  He is in for a 'rough' summer, swabbing the decks of the ship while it cruises the Caribbean sea.  I can't wait to hear his stories and see pictures.  I FEEL OLD.


I am thankful for~  I am thankful for a warm house, good food, a full  and cozy bed.  Lots of love and companionship.

From the learning room~  My student is doing well.  He learned about prefixes and homonyms this week.  I am doubling him up in work to try to meet our goal of finishing by April 30th.  I have not administered his achievement test yet.  I think I will next week. 

I started my correspondence course yesterday and got quite a bit done with the first class I selected, New Testament Survey.  I love being able to work at my own pace.

(busy with my studies)

From the kitchen~  From the kitchen tonight, grilled chicken tenders, garlic broccoli, velveeta macaroni and cheese with pear salads.


I am wearing~  Jeans and a turquoise blue stripped shirt, blue socks,  Hair is fixed and make up on.  I had to go and renew my dependent ID card today.  Don't ask to see that picture . . .it's very BAD!!
I am creating~ Creating. . .?  Not so much.  Got lots of ideas.  I really should splurge and get some pictures processed for albums.  I am a procrastinator with that project.  There is a store I want to go and check out.  HOMEGOODS.  Ever been there?  I need a change and am not sure what to do.  Only about 12 months left and then I'll have totally new place to decorate.  I am sooo excited.

I am going~  No plans for the next few days.  Next week I am going for my jury service.  Totally messes up any kind of planning.  I'm thinking I am glad we didn't have vacation plans for this time! 

I am reading/watching~ 

I am enjoying watching Tales from Avonlea.

Avonlea Poster

I have just read Silent in the Sanctuary  (I need to find the books in order.  I may have read the first book , Silent in the Grave, the plot sounded familiar. . . ) this was a victorian romance/mystery and a decent reading book.)

  Around the house~  Clean, vacuumed, gently dusted.  I have two candles burning.  One is gingerbread and another vanilla cupcake.  Smells great!  My new sheets came and I put them on the bed right away.  They are generously sized and will hopefully soften up and shrink a bit after a good washing.  They are pretty and satin-y feeling.


I am praying~  I am always praying for the desires of my heart.  For the safety of my #1 son, for wisdom for him concerning his future plans.  For personal wisdom.  For far away family and them to have answers to their prayers. 

Praying especially for my dear friend Alison who lost her father last night.  It was totally unexpected.   I know he will be greatly missed.  Pray that she will have an opportunity to share about salvation with her family during this time.

Alison's father and mother.


Something to share~

Flowers from my manly man

A couple more mother of the groom dresses.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terrific Tuesday With an Idea and a Recipe


Buffalo Wings

2 1/2 pounds of prepared chicken wings, if using frozen, thawed completely
1C. Franks red Hot Sauce
1 C. melted butter

Combine melted butter and Franks sauce.  Stir to incorporate.  Set aside.  Bake chicken wings on foil lined cookie sheet at 500 degrees for 25 minutes.  When chicken is done, toss wings in sauce and serve.  Can also place cooked wings in crock pot on low with sauce topping them and cook additionally on low for 4 hours.

~  ~  ~  ~
I saw a great project in my latest issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.  It is a fun craft project I will try sometime in the future.  I have several old glass jars that would look wonderful filled with bits of this and that with and antique looking label attached.

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Monday, March 21, 2011

~~Menu Monday~~

Monday-  Maple Salmon, rice roni, garlic broccoli, pear salad

Tuesday-  Hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, cupcakes, or peanut butter cookies

Wednesday-  tuna steaks, baked potato, green salad

Thursday-  Grilled chicken tenders, velveeta macaroni, garlic snow peas

Friday-  Fish sandwiches, cole slaw, jo-jo potato wedges

Saturday-  hot wings, leftover potato salad, leftover cole slaw, leftover beans, chocolate brownies

Sunday-  Spaghetti with sauce, rosemary bread, green salad

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

(our maple trees are budding like this one!)

Outside my window~ Sunny and spring like.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees.  Too bad one sunny day doesn't dry out the yard enough to turn some dirt!!  Not sure if I am getting ready for a nice cold or if my alergies are starting to act up.  I am on day 3 of Claritin and still have the scratchy sore throat.  Tree pollens and mold are working around here.

I am thinking~  Thinking and praying for my two traveling men on the way to Mississippi.  They are stopping this afternoon in Tennessee to see some very proud grandparents.

I am thankful for~  Being able to spend a few days with my new Coast guardsman.  I got to see him as he was before, slightly unorganized and scatterbrained.  He ate some good food and got some rest the last couple nights.

From the learning room~  No school today, probably not tomorrow either and we didn't do any yesterday!   We DID attempt a spelling lesson on Monday.  Next week, we'll hit the books hard and try to get some things done.  I ordered an achievement test for him and need to get that administered.


(He asked for a haircut like his BIG brother.  I was happy to give him one!)

From the kitchen~  hmmm?  Leftovers such as lasagna, green salad and enchiladas- or just plain junk. . .I wonder what our mood will be?

(Easy Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake.  That is a boxed cake mix with Chocolate Frosting.  For frosting~ mix one box chocolate pudding mix with 1/2 cold coffee and 1/4 cup cold milk, stir until thick then fold pudding mix into 1 small tub of cool whip.  Frost cake with chilled cool whip mixture.  Keep refrigerated.)

I am wearing~  I am still wearing my pj's.  Maybe I'll go take a shower soon and put on a shirt and a pair of capri's.

(for some reason being like a big boy was fascinating this week.  He is wearing Daddy's shoes while we watched a movie)

I am creating~  Still thinking about rearranging some areas of my home.  I walked around Home Depot looking for inspiration this week.  My husband put in a new toilet yesterday.  I am not sure why exactly.  The old toilet hadn't been working properly for almost 6 months, it sounded like it was running all the time.  He messed with the toilet for several hours. . . parts from the inside kept breaking off.  He finally brought home a new toilet on his third run to Home Depot.

(the new toilet)

I am going~  We are going over to see baby Anastasia and Sharon tomorrow.  We'll play some games. . .maybe Rack-o.  Saturday, bachelor David, #2 son and I are going out to Chinese buffet before he heads to work.

I am reading/watching~  I am about ready to start my correspondence course.  I need to go and get some notebook paper and good pencils.  I like to write things on paper first, then type.

Around the house~  The house needs vacuuming.  The sheets are off Aaron's bed and in the wash.  I have new sheets on order for my bed.  My cat keeps ripping holes in my fitted sheets.  I am not sure why.  I've lost two sets of sheets this last year because of holes.  So I'll be removing flannel sheets and extra blankets.  It looks like it may be a good time to get out the short sleeved things and pack away the long sleeved for next winter.

(My silly Christmas cactus is showing me all six, pretty flowers!)

I am praying~  I am praying for far away family to have answers to prayer.  I am praying for the desires of my heart.  I am praying for  fun summer doing fun things.

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Ha!!  I have to go pick up my manly man from the train station in Newark at 10:30 Sunday night.  Spending time with friends and cuddling with my #2 Bubba.

Something to share~  #1 son decided to quickly fly to Texas over the weekend.  He wanted to see his fiancee.  On the way back from taking him to Laguardia airport, we stopped by NYC's Chelsea Market and enjoyed a cappacino and a pastry.  We finally got to see inside the building across the street, where my husband works.  He took us to use the rest room.

Atlantic Halibut $ 25.00 per pound.  Halibut was what we caught frequently in Alaska, mainly for free!


I think someone is spying on us in Dad's building.

A model airplane display in the hallway of Dad's building.

~~Have a great weekend friends!~~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Resemblance ??


Family Resemblance??

Daddy and Aaron

Aaron and Uncle Ben

Aaron and Grandpa

Aaron and Great Grandpa

Aaron and Great Grandpa

Great Uncle Terry and Aaron

My husband and his Father.