Thursday, March 31, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside my window~  Snow and rain coming our way tonight.  It is cold right now. It must be spring. . .somewhere

I am thinking~ I am always thinking.  I am thinking about dinner tonight.  A movie and snuggling in bed.

I am thankful for~ We heard from our young Coast Guardsman on Wednesday.  I am thankful for his safety.  He is well and enjoying some good snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of a place that rhymes with tuba.  He is working on getting qualified to stand watch.  He says the food is not too great. The best night was pizza night when someone, who was not a cook, made the pizza!

From the learning room~  Achievement testing today and tomorrow.  Easy days.   I think maybe he gets a bit worked up about tests!

I am inactive on my class, New Testament Survey.  I really need to read the first four books of the new Testament before I continue my studies.  I also want a Webster's 1828 dictionary for my bible classes.

From the kitchen~ This week has been a different week.  Not too exciting.  We went to Cheesecake Factory Tuesday night.  I was disappointed.  My food tasted good but was soaking in at least 1/8 C. of oil.  I had a Raspberry Lemon Cream cheesecake, it was delicious.  Yesterday we went to Five Guys for a cheeseburger lunch.  Tonight we are having biscuits and gravy with fried cabbage.  Tomorrow is my 41st birthday.  I have requested PF Chang's and a maple bar or maple long john as my cake.  I doubt I'll get one of the maple bars.  I haven't seen one since we lived in Alaska.  People here, don't know what they are, we asked too!

  I am wearing~  I am wearing comfy jeans and a Coast Guard hooded sweatshirt.

I am creating~   I met a family at church on Sunday who will be homeschooling 4 children in the fall.  She asked me a ton of questions.  I am going to put together a packet of information for her and drop it by the church for her next week.  Not creating much else.  I did buy some artificial greenery yesterday for refreshing some things at my house.  I'll be sure to take pictures if I change anything.

I am going~ I have been to jury duty this week.  On Tuesday my husband dropped me off at 7:55 AM to my county courthouse for my jury service.  I was never selected for anything and was released at 2:15 PM  I had a fun day watching people and staying out of trouble.  We'll probably pick up bachelor David on Saturday and take him to get a haircut and then over to our home for lunch.

I am reading/watching~  I watched a dvd series I totally LOVED.  #1 Ladies Detective Agency.  It was a great show!!  I could watch the whole series again.  I'd rate it PG as it did have suggestive episodes and contained the drinking of alcoholic beverages. 

I will confess that I have tried to read these books and found them very hard to get into and put the first one down within the first chapter.

Around the house~  It's fairly clean.  Laundry is put away, beds are made.  Kitchen is tidy.

  I am praying~  I am praying for far away family.  for the desires of my heart.  For wisdom.
Something to share~ I am sharing the results of some recent shopping trips.  Remember I was going to go and see what HOMEGOODS was about?  Well we went and I loved it.  I took restraint on myself and only made one purchase in that store.

I put my chunky funky necklaces on this hanger.

I found this cute twig nest with flowers at the thrift store.

I found a rack for holding my beaded watches at Michael's Craft.

Have a great weekend Friends!




  1. That is so nice that you are making a homeschool packet for your friend from church.  Love, the birdcage.  I think I have 2 in the cellar.  Not like that but 2 wire birdcages I used to have candles in when we lived in Canton.  I also really like the rack you found at Michaels for your watches.

  2. Ooooohhhh< LOVE your find at Homegoods. When I first looked at the picture (w/out necklaces) I thought it was just pretty decor but when I saw the necklaces on it I thought, "LOVE it!" .........And what is a Maple Bar anyway, you got me all curious! :)

  3. HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU!!!We are going to be having snow and rain out here too.  Last year on this day it was a record breaking 84! Today was 45. =(I can't wait for warmer weather!Your bird cage is so cute.  I really like it!I like Homegoods...I could buy lots and lots of pretty things there.Have a very HAPPY birthday and a great weekend!

  4. @DiaryOfaPastorsWife - a large rectangle shaped doughnut with maple frosting.  They may also be called long johns.  They are sooo good.

  5. We LOVED the Number 1 Ladies--thought the movies were AS GOOD AS the book which is rare. The books start slow, but it you give them a little time, they pull you into them. I loved each one. Your jewelry hangar is unique!

  6. Hi Beth,   can't believe you are even close to 41 YO ! But, we are still old enough to be your parents, well, almost....Take care, Happy Birthday in advance!