Friday, April 1, 2011

A Very Nice Day~Pics Added!!

I had a great day with two amazing men today.

A nice, fresh coffee cake for breakfast. (similar to the one pictured)

 PF Changs for lunch/dinner

(Kung Pow Chicken. . .so yummy)

. . . and shopping at Chico's,  FUN!!  This is my birthday present from my husband.

image enlargement

Ah-hem . . .  I was going for the more romantic look of this next gown.  But he picked the other.  The fabric feels wonderful.

These are the maple bars my husband ordered for me.  He spoke to the baker Friday morning and told him what a maple bar was.  The baker said that would be easy!  On Saturday my husband went to pick them up. . .  and they made maple bars stuffed with raspberry filling.. WEIRD!  So on Sunday we finally got to try 1 dozen "MAPLE BARS"  and they were good.   1 dozen was waaayyy too much.  I froze half of them yesterday.  Tasty!

A great 41st birthday!!


  1. wonderful birth~day for ya. The second DOES look awfully romantic- but it also looks comfortable!!

  2. Glad you had a "very nice day" for your birthday.    That is funny that he chose the unromatic one......there is no telling what they will think.  It reminds me of how Will told me he like short hair better than long and it was longer than my skirts when we got married.