Thursday, April 7, 2011

~~It's Thursday~~

Outside my window~  Rain in the afternoon yesterday.  it is supposed to be clearer today with highs around 52 degrees.  I'll be looking forward to Monday when the foretasted high is supposed to be 72 degrees.  I can see a major yard work day coming.

I am thankful for~ It never gets old does it?  I am so thankful the Lord provides for our needs over and above what I could even ask for or think I need!

"...For your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, BEFORE YE ASK HIM."   
Matthew 6:8
From the learning room~  My student finished his achievement test on Friday and we mailed it in that day. 

At piano practice on Monday he asked why the studios were so empty.  "It is spring break."  I said  "Why do I not get a break?" asked my student. 

I started reading the first four books of the New Testament last night after dinner.  I got to Matthew 7 before I stopped.  I had a pencil and my little journal out I wrote down some things I wanted to go back and study.  It was a productive evening.


From the kitchen~  Tonight it will be baked Ziti.  I will try not to make too much.  We haven't been doing so well at eating leftovers.  I am trying REALLY hard to cook smaller portions as my big eater and leftover disposal is in Mississippi!  Thinking about fresh strawberries all sweet and delicious.  I don't know if I'll put up any freezer jam this year.  Long about December/January, I'll be worrying thinking about having that freezer empty and ready for a move!

  I am wearing~   Denim skirt and long sleeved red tee with long socks and tennis shoes.  COMFY!

I am creating~  I think I may try to rearrange my living room furniture next week.  This is what I did this week.  NO BIG CHANGE right?  Just refreshed some artificial things and moved a bit here and there.

I am thinking~  I am am thinking about summer things.  Camping, dirt bike riding, a new truck, 4X4 trips in my husbands Toyota project, blueberry picking, fishing hiking and other things!


I am reading/watching~  Not sure what I am reading.  I am between mysteries.  We have watched this show in the evening before bed this week and have enjoyed it.  I'd rate it PG as it does have murder scenes with graphic blood and body parts.

Murder Rooms:  The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes

Photo from Murder Rooms

Favorite Things~  One of my favorite things is being able to stay home and minister to my children and my husband.  I LOVE it!!
 Mother and baby

Around the house~  Things are tidy.  I'll be vacuuming and dusting tomorrow in preparation for company Saturday. Bachelor David, Chris, Sharon and the baby are coming over for meatloaf, macaroni and cheese and butterscotch layered dessert.

  I am praying~   For far away family to have answered prayer.  For far away family to grow closer in their walk with the Lord.  My SIL, Cari herniated a disk in her back recently during a move.  She has had back problems for 10 years.  I am asking you to join with me in prayer that she may be healed and not have to have another back  surgery.  Praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying for wisdom.

(Cari- my sister in law)

Something to share~ I bought some new music last week for my birthday and it is trickling in via mail.  This is what we're enjoying today.

Have a great weekend Friends!


  1. I love the Oak Ridge Boys! That low voice - just love it! My Dad would always play his tapes on the way up camping - my brother and I probably know every word! haha.

  2. Allison Kraus and the Cox Family...I know every song by heart.  It is one of my 'go to' CD's when I need a lift. 

  3. @Ozar - I love Alison Krauss.  this cd has nice harmonies.  I'm enjoying it.  

  4. we sold ben's dirt bike before moving here.. just yesterday we were saying we should have kept it. :/i won't let shayne see those pics of trucks. he's been coveting.. er, uh, wanting a new one. ;)love allison krauss..happy monday there~

  5. Praying hard for Cari. That sounds so painful! I know a lot of folks that have back trouble. It is so miserable, however, He can heal it!Love the pic of your journal. It's so pretty! My son asked me to get my fishing permit tonight. He wants to go in the worst way!

  6. @grace2be - We sold ours too!  We weren't sure how much area there would be around here.  It's good we did.  My guy has no time.I love that edition of the Dodge with the leather interior, if it had a split bench up front, it would be perfect!!

  7. @SealedbyGrace -   Working in the yard the past few days, uncovered HUGE worms.  Great for fishing!  Maybe the rain will stop and I'll be able to go!