Thursday, March 28, 2013

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window...  I think we must be finished with the rain.  Things are starting to dry out.  There are a lot of fox tails in the grass...they end up on the dog.  There is a very sweet smell in the air.  I think I found out today what it is. . .

Orange Blossoms. . . and the smell is heavenly!

I am thinking...  Company is coming.  The next 6 weeks we are expecting several rounds of company coming through.  I've gotten lots crossed off my to-do list.

I am thankful... I am thankful as always for answered prayer.  Thankful for God's provision.

In the kitchen... A casserole from the freezer tonight.  Amish Noodle Casserole maybe with cottage cheese and fruit.  The kitchen will be busy the next week or so.

Soupa Tuscana
Oven Stew
Sour Cream Enchiladas and Tamales
Veggie Pizza
Hot Dogs on the beach
Carne Asada Nacho's
Smoked Turkey Sliders
Chicken Gumbo with rice

I am wearing...  Finally. . . feeling back to my old self.  Feeling a phantom pain here and there.  I imagine I'm still healing on the inside somewhere.  I've been wearing waistbands this week and they are not too uncomfortable

I have been creating...  I've been busy the last few days creating things and finishing projects.

Dust ruffle for the bed in the office.  I used three fabric shower curtains from Target.

Finished decorating #2 son's room.  It has the big guest bed and turns into the guest room when we have company come to visit.

This is what's on top of the dresser.

In the basket is gifts for my daughter in law~  Orange and Lemon scented soaps,  Orange Body Wash, Orange candles, Note-cards with a fancy "M" on the front and a San Diego postcard that I used as card.  On it I wrote "A bit of California Sunshine to enjoy in the land of the Midnight Sun!"

I also finished printing the graphics I had and put them in some old frames.  Some of the frames are extra special to me because my Dad made them.

(Proverbs 3:5-6 in the frame my Dad made.)

I am going...  It's a busy weekend.  On Saturday the church ladies are getting to gether to oranize Easter things for Sunday.  On Sunday our church is having service in the a local park with a potluck lunch and more preaching to follow.  I'm hoping we'll be packed up and done by 2:00 p.m. on Sunday and home enjoying our free evening.  Monday is my birthday and I want to head to our bonfire beach with my family and roast hotdogs and marshmallows.  Lots of sightseeing next week with my company.

I am praying...  Praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying for travel mercies for my married children who are on their way to Juneau, Alaska.  Praying for far away family. 

Praying for Anna who is starting chemotherapy in preparation for her bone marrow transplant. 
She has Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia.

Anna had her hair cut in anticipation of chemotherapy.


I am reading...  We went to the library today and got some fresh books.  I've got some food centered mysteries waiting for me.

We've been watching a new series.  This series features Brian Keith (from The Parent Trap)~
it's called Family Affair. ( Brian Keith reminds me of my Dad!)

I am looking forward to...  I'm looking forward to company coming my house.  I'm looking forward to getting in the garden, maybe tomorrow and plant all the seeds my husband bought.  We've got three big Coastal Rosemary plants and a Christmas tree to plant as well.  The next yard work project will be purchasing bark mulch and pruning/trimming one more flower bed out front.

From the learning rooms...  My student has been working hard.  I would love to see a miracle happen and for him to not get so distracted while doing work.  He's learning about adverbs and practicing long division and multiplication.

Around the house...  Everthing is very clean in anticipation of our son and his wife being here for about a week.  I only have left to clean the tub and sinks in the guest bath.

A favorite quote for today...
"Family is the most important thing."
Princess Diana

One of my favorite things...  I love taking drives.  It's a relatively inexpensive thing to do.  We took a picnic.  We had Popeye's spicy fried chicken and cole slaw with sparkling apple cider.  I do so love California. 

It is soo pretty here.

There are lots of wildflowers blooming here.  Lupine, Poppies and many others.

These are manzanita branches that have been through a wildfire.

They are for my climbing things in the garden.

A few plans for next week:  Tweaking my menu,  going on lots of picnics, taking my daughter in law to the thrift store for maternity clothes,  enjoying family time.

A peek into my days...
I was itching to do some flower crafts.  I made two different spring arrangements for church. 

(the one on the right goes in front of the pulpit on a black stand with a white, chrochet doily.  The one on the left goes on the piano.)

I've got to add some spring green colored ribbon to the hydrangea arrangements yet. I'll probably take these into church in June.

My husband flew back to the east coast for a couple days.  He was invited to 'pin' our graduating son with his new rank.  He is now an E-4 Electicians Mate.  We're so proud of his accomplishment!

Visiting a transportation museum while waiting to fly home.

~~Have a great weekend dear friends!~~

Friday, March 15, 2013

~~It's Friday!~~


Outside my window... It's supposed to be cooling down after tempretures in the 8o's this week.  yesterday the high was 92 degrees.  Where did spring go?  It should be in the low 70's for the next five days.

I am thinking...  Thinking about yard work and preparing my house for company.

I am thankful... Thinking about the Lord's mercy today.  He sure does give it freely and abundantly to me!
Psalms 145:9
"The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works."

In the kitchen...  I'm not sure what will be for dinner tonight.  I need to get back to creating menu's.  We haven't had one since we've been eating out of the freezer these last few weeks.  I've got a full pantry though and some creative juices going.  Some good things will be coming out of that kitchen!

I am wearing...  I've been really lazy about my schedule while recovering from my surgery.  I'm still in my jammies.  I'll shower soon then go out to Wal-Mart to get a few cleaning supplies.

I am creating...  Thinking about getting some things done.  I'm still limited in my abilites.  I really need to get out and work in the yard.  I've got lots of company coming in the next 8 weeks.  I'd like to finish wall decorations, make a bed skirt for the office bed and get ready for company.

I am going...  I'd like to go for a ride into the mountains tomorrow, maybe with a picnic.  I want to gatrher sticks for my garden.  For the peas and for making a shade covers.

I am praying...  I am praying for the desires of my heart, praying for far away family, for my married children and their upcoming move to Juneau, Alaska,

praying for this. . .

my grandbaby!

I am reading/watching...
I'm reading a Lori Wick book.  I really don't like her writing style.  I forget that and just get excited to see Christian books in the library and grab them without remembering I may not care for the writing style of the author.  Her men characters are definitely not like my man, so sensitive to a females emotions and sensitive to her needs and wants.  She writes to mushy, like a Harlequin Romance.

We've watched 3 movies made by a christian homeschooler in the last two weeks.  He's received prizes for his achievements through the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

I am looking forward to...   I am looking forward to being back to normal. Accomplishing tasks. 

Pretty Examples!

From the learning rooms. . .  We've cut back on science and history to spend our day on the basics.  Most days we've been done by lunch time.  It's been pretty boring.  We've not participated in field trips for a while.  We're talking about visiting Starbucks soon for a day of school there.

Around the house...  I vacuumed yesterday!  Cleaned toilets and sinks and changed sheets on my bed.  Felt good too!

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...

I'm still singing the praises of Netflix.  Where else would you be able to find good ,christian movies to rent?  I never saw them at Blockbuster or Redbox!!  Netflix is commercial free.  It's relatively in expensive.  YOU get to control what your family watches!

A few plans for the rest of the week:   I'm going out in a while to shop at Wal Mart.  Then I will head over to church to deep clean and sanitize the nursery.  One of the children has a staph infection of the eye and the other two children are ill as well with various ailments.  I am one worker who doesn't want to be ill!!

A peek into my week...  These were taken over the weekend when he was finishing up putting soil in the garden boxes and smoothing gopher holes from the field behind our house.

~~Have a great weekend!!~~

Friday, March 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

Our church is very small.  In people numbers and in building size.  We do not have a proper fellowship hall.  The one we can use on our property is very expensive to rent.  But because our church is small, we've offered our home to have church fellowships in.  In February, we hosted two such fellowships.  A surprise birthday party for an evangelist and the Sweetheart Banquet.

My Pastor and his family plus one extra.  The next picture is the evangelist and his wife with our Pastor's family.

Some of the food and people.

More people.


The next few pictures are of the Sweetheart Banquet.  My husband and I hosted and prepared the food, devotion, and games.  We thought there would only be 2 other couples attending and were pleasantly surprised to add two extra place settings at mealtime!  Sorry the pictures are terrible.  The lighting in that room in the evenings turns everything orange. . .

Grilled Steak
Shrimp with garlic butter
Cheesy vegetables Normandy
Baked Potatoes
Green Salad
Dinner Rolls

Assorted Flavored Sparkling Cider
Iced Tea and Coffee

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

John and Sarah

Pastor and Shannon

Sylvia and Raphael

Stacey and Beth