Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Windy Thrusday


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I did it...I made onion buns for our lunch/dinner today.  They turned out fantastic. 

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P.S. This is a simple dinner roll recipe from the Better Homes Cookbook, with a tiny bit of whole wheat flour added.  I also added about 1/8 C. finely minced onion.  I minced the onion then put it in a dry nonstick skillet to cook on low heat about 2 minutes.  I removed the onions from the pan and let them set on the counter in a bowl until I was ready to use them, about 2 hours.  I sprayed nonstick cooking spray on the rolls after I formed them then sprinkled the onions on them.  After the final raise, they cooked about 12 minutes at 375*.  This was so good!

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Tomorrow we have a play date planned with my friend Alison and her daughter.  We are going to be making Rosemary Bread and eating lasagna.  I am going to take over a mixed berry pie also.  It sounded divine and I am thinking it will taste great!

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Saturday we are going to attend a birthday party for Sienna.  (Alison's daughter)  It is a costume party, the children are supposed to dress like princes and princesses.  I picked up some things today for my prince.  I am about ready to make him a shield and some bling- bling for his blouse.(shirt)

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I'll try to post some pictures of our play date and birthday party on Saturday.  Have blessed weekend friends.




Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Pray


Every family has drama in their lives, drama is in my family for sure.  Sometimes I think if  others could see my life, it would read like the script to a soap opera.  Without going into much detail...

Please be in prayer for a certain person whom we are close to.  This person is going through a time of spiritual spankings from the Lord.  Please pray that GOD will work his blessed will.  That there will be a spiritual reawakening, that there will be restoration of marriage and family.

That during the next few weeks, Doctors will have guidance and wisdom.  That this person will be honest and forthright.  That this person will have healing in body and mind.

Mainly we are praying that God will do 'whatever it takes' to return this person to his fellowship.

It is sad to see people you pray for going through times such as this.  But I am thrilled to see how the Lord answered the prayers of this family for this particular person.  I can't help but rejoice to see answered prayer.



Today is the day my manly man leaves, therefore it's kinda busy around here right now.  I'd like to post some scripture and a little bible study to go along with my post today.  I will try to get that done in the next few days.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day


Everyone looks so festive with the hearts and flowers posted on thier blogs.  I had to join in.  If you hear my music and think, "I can't believe Beth listens to that!"  Yep, I do.   I am a redneck, hillbilly, county girl and it leaks out sometimes.  I can't sing hymns to my manly man and get the same effect I recieve if we're crooning to the songs I have listed on my playlist.  I listen to some of these songs and think back around 19 20 years ago (this month!)when we were spry, young, things and get a little smile on my face.   


#2 son enjoys the Hot Dog and Never on Sunday songs.






Yep, It's A Monday!


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I really enjoyed some of the ideas I read last week on other blogs for Menu Monday.  I am posting another week of menus so you can see how well I follow my menu.  I do have a several disclaimers, Friday we went out to eat, the boys had leftovers.  Saturday we ate a big soup (Cheesy Chicken and Rice soup and Chicken Salad sandwiches) lunch and grazed on leftovers, sandwiches or made nachos for dinner.  We had been invited to fellowship with another family over at their place Sunday afternoon.  We canceled because #2 son was feeling under the weather (AGAIN!) with a slight temperature (101.6*), yucky nose and terrible cough.  We kept him from church all day Sunday to recuperate.  Daddy stayed in the morning because I had nursery.  I stayed in the evening.   #2 son seems much better today.

Monday~ hamburger gravy over white rice, sweet green beans and green salad. (We ate this, it was great!)

Tuesday~ green chili enchilada casserole with black beans. (We ate this, it was great!)

Wednesday~ kielbasa and cabbage with hashbrown casserole, salad. (We ate this, it was great!)

Thursday~ salmon patties, mashed potatoes, stir-fried garlic broccoli spears. (We ate TACO SALAD!)

Friday~ teriyaki burgers with homemade fries  (Leftovers!)

Saturday~ Taco Salad  (Soup and Sandwiches for lunch)

Sunday~ grilled chicken breasts with fettucini alfredo  ((I brought home Chinese from a place on the next block over from us.  We had General Tso's chicken, Chicken Chop Suey, Vegetable Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup for the sick boy.  I love this chinese place, they incorporate so many vegetables in their dishes.  It makes me feel a 'little better' about eating out.  The food is pretty inexpensive as well.  All that food was $25.63.  There were enough leftovers for #2 son to eat last night after church.))


Monday~ Spaghetti, Whole Wheat Bread served with garlic butter (Homemade!) and green salad

Tuesday~ Salmon Patties, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Broccoli

Wednesday~Hawaiian Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Peaches and Cottage Cheese

Thursday~ Teriyaki burgers and Fries ((All homemade and very delicious!  I am going to try to make my own onion topped hamburger buns...we'll see about that.))

Friday~ a special play afternoon with my friend Alison and her daughter Sienna.  We are going to make the Rosemary Bread together.  Alison is going to make Lasagna with venison meat.  Yum!  I am bringing a big green salad as well.

Saturday~ A Valentine's Day meal without my manly man...more to follow.  We will attempt to have Surf and Turf (steak and seafood cooked on the grill) with a baked potato and green salad.

Sunday~ Fettucini Alfredo with a grilled chicken breast and wilted spinach salad.


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I am doing laundry today.  I like doing laundry on Mondays.  I have done laundry on Mondays for a long time.  It works well for me I guess and gets it all done in one day.  Sometimes I wish I had a clothes line to dry things outside.  I may have my manly man build me one this spring.  I know it will be more economical. 


Speaking of my manly man... that's him with the gun...

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I can't remember if I told you or not...he volunteered for a protective duty assignment in Bahrain.  He leaves Wednesday morning to head over to that section of the world to do his job.  He is pretty excited to get to travel again.  He'll pack tomorrow for a two week trip.  I guess the weather there is very nice this time of year.  He is packing cargo pants and short sleeve polo's.


The weather is nice and mild today.  50 degrees right now.  We took #1 son to college this morning and threw open the windows on the house to air it out.  Stripped linens off two beds for the laundry.  We came home to a house that smelled clean, ya know the smell?

While we were out and about, we went to a store I see on mentioned on many shows that are filmed in the New York area, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Emeril and even morning news programs...the store was called Whole Foods Market.  WOW, what an amazing store.  It reminded me of the Henry's Markets we had in San Diego, but larger.  I have seen a couple healthful products I wanted to try,  Virgin Red Palm Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  Both of these are to be used to replace butter type spreads and can be used to flavor foods and to be cooked with.  It will be interesting to try them they are LOADED with good for you nutrition!  We may try them on our bread tonight.

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#2 son is remembering the Monster tuck show.  He asked me to come and look at the show he was putting on in his room.  I had the camera...

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This is what I'll be doing this afternoon.

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~This is a long post, enjoy ~


Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Thursday


What to write about when you don't know what to write about...

Today is Thursday
Outside my window:  It is terribly cold.  WITH the wind chill it is 3* and not expected to get warm today.
I am thinking:  Of my goals for the year and how I should get some done everyday.  Such as~ Daily look for scholarships for #2 son to fill out for school.  Be more faithful to personal devotions...

From the learning rooms: Tall, short, less, different, same, fewer number 6 and letter G.
I am thankful for: A good furnace and inexpensive heat bills compared to where we lived last!

From the kitchen:  Taco Salad, taking it off the weekly plan out of order because the avocado is ripe TODAY. It would be foolish to waste them when they are so expensive. 

I am reading:  A mystery is beside my bed.
I am hoping:  Praying for a certain person to put aside foolish learning and be restored to his LORD and savior, wife and children.

I am hearing: country, bluegrass, instrumental music and the furnace fan blowing.

Around the house: Needs dusted.  I am not a good duster!  
One of my favorite things:  Babies.
A few plans for the week: Running the taxi service for my COLLEGE student who doesn't drive yet.  Can't wait for June!
A thought I'm sharing:  a Bible verse...  "That he would grant you, according to his riches of his glory, to be strengthend with might by his spirit in the inner man."  Ephesians 3:16

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Week So Far


Thrift Store Prizes!!

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During #1 son's time away at college yesterday, #2 son and I ran errands and did a little shopping at THE THRIFT STORE!   I had so much fun getting things for ME!  I went a little crazy.  We have a couple of the nicest thrift stores I have ever been in around here.    I washed a lot of the things I bought last night and put them away today.  I a  firm believer that if you bring an item of clothing home, you should get rid of one to make room and thus not become a hoarder of clothes you don't wear.  So now I have two garbage bags clothes to re-donate.

blog VIII '09 009

Those of you that know me, know that I love sweaters!  This one was brand new in Christmas colors, tags still attached!

blog VIII '09 006

Printed navy skirt, light blue tee and a sleeveless, white sweater.

blog VIII '09 007

A fushia colored skirt with beads and sparkles and a stretchy V neck blouse.  One of my favorite outfits, but a summer one for sure, it is made of very light fabric.

blog VIII '09 010

I LOVE sparkley things!

blog VIII '09 016  

We have an event Friday evening with the church, a no children, stewardship dinner...  this outfit is what I am considering wearing.  It is a wrap skirt with brown, gray and white with a cool looking black sweater with sparkley beads and buttons on the front, with my sensible, brown , not too high of a heel, shoe and NYLONS!

blog VIII '09 017

blog VIII '09 018

Or maybe this black skirt with red sweater.

LOVE that thrift store shopping!

--------------------------------------------------------------- was so nice here yesterday,  I had spring fever.


It was clear, sunny and a warm 53 degrees with record high temperatures around the area.  Today it is cloudy, 32 degrees and snowing.  We're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow today.  Then it will become cold with wind chills below zero in the next few days.  Where is spring?

blog VIII '09 020

Was surfing blogs a bit this morning and keep running across something called Menu Mondays. I saw that and thought of jessnboyz !  So it's Tuesday, but I'll post my week of menus anyway.  These are just dinners.  Usually around here Dad eats cereal, toast or oatmeal unless I am up then I fix him a warm breakfast. We eat about the same for breakfast.  For lunches Dad buys his own...Yikes!  We eat leftovers or sandwiches or soup.

Monday~ hamburger gravy over white rice, sweet green beans and green salad.

Tuesday~ green chili enchilada casserole with black beans.

Wednesday~ kielbasa and cabbage with hashbrown casserole, salad.

Thursday~ salmon patties, mashed potatoes, stir-fried garlic broccoli spears.

Friday~ teriyaki burgers with homemade fries

Saturday~ Taco Salad

Sunday~ grilled chicken breasts with fettucini alfredo

blog VIII '09 001

My sweet Pastors wife runs the christian school at our church.  She knows we homeschool (I think we are THE only ones!) she offered me brand new books for #2 son.  I bought both sets( kindergarten and first grade) for ?$? maybe I shouldn't tell, a GREAT deal.  I am going to look at them today and maybe incorporate some of the Kindergarten into what I am doing with preschool.  #2 son is such a quick learner!