Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Thursday

For Today...

Outside my window...
Foggy, calm day

I am thinking... what I want to do for my 20th wedding anniversary

Fly to Costa Rica with our boys and stay about 8 days.  Four days here at Vulcan Arenal area and four days at the beach.

hotel los lagos to Barcelona, Spain to take a 7 day Mediterranean Cruise, without the children.

We thought we were decided last night...take the family to Costa Rica...but now I am wavering...  See, we can all go to Costa Rica for the price of two of us going to The Mediterranean and still be able to afford a night or two ALONE for our anniversary

From the learning rooms... Front, back, Letter N, number 9, short Vowel A

I am thankful for... Being able to afford vacation and college tuition and paying cash for it...NO DEBT!

From the kitchen... Grilled hamburger and homemade french fries...(I am hungry already!)

I am wearing... long denim skirt, turquoise tee and sandals, with my mangy hair pulled back from my face and neck!

I am reading... Janette Oke's The Tender Years

I am hoping... unspoken prayers are answered

I am creating... I am trying to rehang our alphabet letters in the schoolroom, they keep falling off the wall and looking MESSY!

blog2 002

(this area is the school room...)

I am praying... for wisdom for myself and others I know.

Around the house... the dryer and the vacuum are going.  We're getting some things ready for Saturday company!

One of my favorite things... Seeing the blooms on my tomatoes and eating lettuce from my flowerbed garden!

blog XII 034 blog XII 033

A few plans for the rest of the week... gotta go stock up on groceries, probably tomorrow.  I will be preparing corn on the cob for grilling and making a dessert Saturday morning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Someone rolled in something fragrant early this morning.  It gave me an excuse to bathe and haircut him.

blog XII 035


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Midweek Mopey


Mopey-  a bout of melancholy or sulkiness

Yep, that's me today.  It is cool here and trying to rain.  It's dark.  No plans for today.  I may bundle up and go out to the porch to read and listen to the birds.  Feels like a soup day today but we are going to have Shepherd's Pie.

Psalms 46:10   Be still, and know that I am God: blessed today friends...



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Day-Interrupted


Mall Food, Chinese Buffett

blog XII 027

Here is a quick post of our family date day yesterday.  I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.  Our date was cut short as Daddy was called to the city for work.  If you watch morning news you may have heard what is going on the last five days around the city.  It has kept law enforcement hopping!

blog XII 028

After bringing Daddy back home the boys and I went to my favorite thrift store.  Half the state was there!  It was 50% off day.  Banjo got some new babies.  #1 and #2 son got some short sleeve shirts.  I bought a skirt and sleeveless top. 

blog XII 030

We were not able to attend the movie.  So we rented a movie instead, The Tale of Despereaux.

Have a great day Friends!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu Monday and Sunday Fun


Monday-  Family Date Day, We're Eating Out (Going on a drive in the country to walk a mall and watch a movie)

Tuesday-  Hawaiian Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans and Pear Salad

Wednesday-  Shepherds Pie

Thursday-  Hamburgers and French Fries

Friday- Italian Wedding Soup, Salad, Dinner Rolls

Saturday-  COMPANY"S COMING!  Grilled Pork Loin, Grilled chicken breast, Grilled corn on the cob, Grilled baby potatoes, Grilled Green Beans, Frog Eye Salad, Layered Pudding dessert, s'mores and Jones Soda's.  I'll have 7 guests on Saturday.  We are going to have a fire in the firepit as well.

Sunday- Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups, Green Salad, Rosemary Bread


blog XII 026

The young couple that were supposed to come and share our meal yesterday couldn't come due to a previous commitment.  We asked another family to join us.  Pictured are Jim, Cindy Tamara and J.C. with my three manly men.  These are folks from our church.  Yes, we played Balderdash....AGAIN.  I really like that game.  We enjoyed our fellowship with them.


A few ideas for the week...

May '09 040

School, school and more school with #2 son.  We are only to the letter M.  Our books are running out of papers, but we have a bit to go.  We'll probably be working on school for while yet.  He is still pretty young and doesn't get the idea of Christmas break, Spring break or summer vacation.

Other than that, I'll just try to keep the house fairly clean this week.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday Evening Fun!


blog XII 017

Posting pictures of our afternoon and evening yesterday.

blog XII 020

We filled the pool Thursday but it hasn't warmed up yet, no swimming took place, just wading.  We did teach Banjo how to "Get the fishie!"  He is chasing a battery powered squid around the pool. 

blog XII 018

Every once and a while he'd get a hold of a tentacle and pull the squid out of the pool, taking it to the grass to see if it would play with him.  It was pretty entertaining!

blog XII 021

We enjoyed fellowship with Chris and Sharon around the fire last night, we talked and laughed until pretty late.  We didn't even get to the game we were going to play!

blog XII 023

((Those are Jones Soda's,  for those of you who are wondering!!  Berry Lemonade, Cream Soda and Green Apple, Yummy!))

blog XII 024


Have a blessed weekend!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Fridays Flashback



September 1989.

 A trip to Kansas City, Missouri right before we got married.


Ahhh, so young and thin!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Thursday!


Today is Thursday
Outside my window:  A beautiful sunny morning
I am thinking:  I need to go to Target to purchase a new coffee grinder.  Mine refused to start this morning.  I drank hot tea instead.  I miss my morning cup of freshly ground, freshly percolated coffee! 
From the learning rooms: Number 8 and letter M
I am thankful for: (Do I say this everytime?)  I am thankful God meets all our needs, seriously, we can't ask for more.  We are healthy, we are not in debt, we have 2 savings accounts that continue to grow each month, my husband works hard so I may stay at home,  I am blessed!.
From the kitchen:  I am going to create a Halibut salad and put it in cooked giant shell pasta noodles.  (This creation is NOT on the menu!!)  It is supposed to be about 80 degrees today and this meal will not heat up the kitchen.

I am reading:  Four on the Floor, a mystery involving antique cars and antique shopping.
I am hoping:  That my manly man can take some time off soon.  I'd love to go camping.  I'm afraid camping in New Jersey would be serious combat camping. 
I am hearing: morning traffic and a thoughtful student humming through a page of 8's

Around the house: Company's coming tomorrow instead of Saturday.  Will do some precooking in the morning so I'll be ready for out hot dog feast by the firepit!
One of my favorite things:  Sitting outside with a book and a cool drink, listening to the windchimes and all the wonderful songbirds that are here in the northeast.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Company tomorrow night.  Saturday, manly man is working in the city,  I'll use that day to make biscuits, gravy and Rhubarb pie for our company on Sunday.
A picture thought I am sharing:  One of the most beautiful babies in the world!  Mine!!  He was almost 1 in this picture.  January 2004.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's In the Mail!



It's in the mail Emily!

blog XII doc pic 015

blog XII 016

blog XII 012

This bottom photo shows the watches I've worked on in the last several days.  Emily is receiving the one in the box! 


Happy Birthday Dear Friend


Today is the birthday of a very special friend.

08 friend 009

Happy Birthday dear friend.  May your day be especially blessed!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Monday and Other Stuff...


Monday-  Beef Stew, Oatmeal Honey Bread

Tuesday-  Barbecue Pork Sandwiches with French Fries and Cole Slaw.

Wednesday-  Baked Potato, Green Salad, grilled Chicken Breast

Thursday-  Meatloaf, Macaroni and Cheese, Garlic Green Beans

Friday-  Taco Salad

Saturday-  Company is Coming we are having a fire in the fire pit and roasting hotdogs and having beans and salad to go with it.  ((Our friends Chris and Sharon))

Sunday-  Company is Coming...again...Biscuits with Sausage Gravy, Country fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, Maple flavored Bacon.  ((A young couple from church, Greg and Kim))


Someone asked for a summer haircut to start his weekend!

blog XII 002


blog XII 003

blog XII 004


We spent a good weekend enjoying each others company.  Saturday I went to church for a few hours to fellowship with the ladies during a ladies meeting.  Daddy and #2 son polished the wheels on our truck and washed the Toyota together.  In the late afternoon we kidnaped Alison and Sienna for a ride on the along mountain ridge nearby in the Toyota.  #1 son son did yard work all day for Alison's husband Chaz.   We ended Saturday with ice cream from Dairy Queen.  Sunday was a normal church day.  We enjoyed a fantastic meal of grilled garlic pork loin, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, cottage cheese salad and finished off Daddy's German Chocolate birthday cake!


Many of you wondered how many posts you have, here is a way you may find out:  Click on the little button under my profile picture that says TRUE.  It will bring you to another page that asks if you want to see if you qualify for a TRUE membership.  Click on that tab and it opens a window with a graph on it that will tell you how many posts you have and how many times you've commented on other posts.


I think that's all for today!  Be blessed!




And The Winner Is...


blog XII 005

There were only 15 entries, I was hoping for more!

blog XII 006

The scientific, random drawing generator.

blog XII 007  

The wonderful, fantastic, little, non bias, helper.

blog XII 010  

The drawing.

blog XII 009


blog XII

And the winner friend from Washington State, Emily Houston!  Congratulations Emily !!

Thank You to all who left comments on this memorable 200th post!



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Don't Forget


Party Hat With Confetti

Don't Forget to enter my drawing in celebration of my 200th post

I'll have the drawing on Monday, May 18th.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

My 200th post!!


I am celebrating...will you join me in this celebration?

This post marks my 200th post.  I have decided to have a giveaway!

One person will have the great blessing of winning a watch handcrafted with love by betheelou!

Watches 08 002

Watches 08 003

May '09 043

The rules are simple, comment on this post to have your name entered in a random drawing to be held Monday, May 18, 2009.  ((Please, only one comment per person.))  I'll have a special post to announce the winner!

200 posts, wow, who would have thought?





It's Thursday!
Outside my window:  It is starting to rain.  Outside has that nice, just clean smell that comes from a fresh rain.
I am thinking:  I'm praying my manly man has a good day today, it is his 41st birthday.  Tomorrow he should be home from school.  I am planning on grilling chicken breasts, asparagus and baby red potatoes for a birthday dinner for him.  Tomorrow morning we will  make a German Chocolate cake for him.
From the learning rooms: Letter L and number 8, same and different.
I am thankful for: My needs are met.
From the kitchen:  Our last junkie meal before Dad comes home, possibly pizza.  Last night we grilled steak in celebration of #1 son's term ending at college!

I am reading:  A christian mystery with recipes included!  Only got two chapters into it last night.
I am hoping:  That time goes by quickly... That God will answer so many prayers!
I am hearing: Soothing music playing on the stereo and a thinking, groaning scholar in the learning room.

Around the house: I cleaned yesterday, in anticipation of the manly man returning.  Everything is beautifully clean in my home.
One of my favorite things:  I am thouroly enjoying sitting on my covered patio looking at my growing garden and flower beds.  I am enjoying it several times a day!
A few plans for the rest of the week: We are going to go to get manly man a birthday present in a little while...I am also going to replace those two hummingbird feeders I bought that I thought we're pretty.  Turns out they don't work.  They are leaking all over and mold is growing in the sucking tube and I can't remove it. 
A picture thought I am sharing:  Only in homeschool can a student come to the classroom in their nightshirt!!  I love it!!

May '09 040

May '09 041



Monday, May 11, 2009

My Marvelous Weekend


hpy m

I enjoyed a good weekend spent with my boys.  We made a trip to Borders books and had a date reading magazines and consuming a refreshing beverage.

May '09 030

May '09 032

I bought my own Mother's Day gift...

May '09

I am having fun sitting on the patio with my glass of iced tea listening to the beautiful sounds it makes.


We went and had pancakes yesterday like I wanted.  My food was great but #1 son wasn't impressed by the cleanliness of the place nor the wait we experienced.  But I imagine any place around here would have been busy yesterday!

sg 1

I trust everyone enjoyed their weekend!