Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Thursday

For Today...

Outside my window...
Foggy, calm day

I am thinking... what I want to do for my 20th wedding anniversary

Fly to Costa Rica with our boys and stay about 8 days.  Four days here at Vulcan Arenal area and four days at the beach.

hotel los lagos to Barcelona, Spain to take a 7 day Mediterranean Cruise, without the children.

We thought we were decided last night...take the family to Costa Rica...but now I am wavering...  See, we can all go to Costa Rica for the price of two of us going to The Mediterranean and still be able to afford a night or two ALONE for our anniversary

From the learning rooms... Front, back, Letter N, number 9, short Vowel A

I am thankful for... Being able to afford vacation and college tuition and paying cash for it...NO DEBT!

From the kitchen... Grilled hamburger and homemade french fries...(I am hungry already!)

I am wearing... long denim skirt, turquoise tee and sandals, with my mangy hair pulled back from my face and neck!

I am reading... Janette Oke's The Tender Years

I am hoping... unspoken prayers are answered

I am creating... I am trying to rehang our alphabet letters in the schoolroom, they keep falling off the wall and looking MESSY!

blog2 002

(this area is the school room...)

I am praying... for wisdom for myself and others I know.

Around the house... the dryer and the vacuum are going.  We're getting some things ready for Saturday company!

One of my favorite things... Seeing the blooms on my tomatoes and eating lettuce from my flowerbed garden!

blog XII 034 blog XII 033

A few plans for the rest of the week... gotta go stock up on groceries, probably tomorrow.  I will be preparing corn on the cob for grilling and making a dessert Saturday morning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Someone rolled in something fragrant early this morning.  It gave me an excuse to bathe and haircut him.

blog XII 035



  1. Wow, how blessed to be abe to go on that kind of vacation and debt free.!  I had that for dinner last night along with the cole slaw we made.                       Linda

  2. How exciting---both trips sound absolutely fabulous!!!  I'm so happy for you guys--you are a wonderful couple and Godly example to us.Enjoy your burgers. 

  3. Sounds like your case of the midweek mopies have come and gone! YAY! How exciting to be able to think about such things as VACATION!!! Whatever you end up decideing, I am sure it will be fantastic!

  4. I love your homeschool room! I finally figured out how to get to your blog. Yeah!

  5. @AFireWife - Glad to see you made it over here.  This is Stacie right??  I loved your post about Big Jim's.  I remember going there.  I think once, but it was on our way out of town...and we'd drive by a lot.  Wow...Happy Anniversary.  PA.  I am so sorry this blog is so hard to get into and comment on.  I believe they are changing it some.  I think thereis a way to comment without getting your own name.  I also know that trying to get to my sight using hasn't been working. works.

  6. @betheelou - It is hard to get into! Yes, I love my homeschool room, too! It is such a blessing. We actually don't do much in it, we homeschool mainly around our enormous table. But it is handy when the kids get out of hand to seperate them and send one of them in here. It also holds all my curriculum so I don't have it spread all over the house!