Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Favorite Movie Houses

A Dear Friend, Elizabeth, did a post on her favorite movie houses.  I thought, 'I want to do that!'  So here are my favorite movie/ television houses.

 I LOVE the Walton house. I even have several pins of the kitchen of this house saved to a board on Pinterest.

I love the big open kitchen with the table placed just so.  I love the pretty wood cabinets too.  And lets not forget to take a glance at the beautiful wood floors.

I confess I have been known to put doiley's on my couches.

So in love with the big farm table.  I also love the glimpse to the beadboard, brick wall  and curio cabinet in the background. 

Simple decorations.  I love the lace curtains at the window and the wood paneled door with window.

The next Show is Elementary, a show about Sherlock Holmes and Watson.  This apartment is not my favorite but fascinates me just the same.  I somehow like the little kitchen area.  The wood floors are amazing.

I love all the books on bookshelves.  The cozy fire in the neat fireplace.

Big table and those wood floors!

This homestead is from a show called The Pinkerton's (on Netflix right now.)  I had a hard time finding shots of the interior, which is simple like the Walton's.  I just-plain-love this adorable house.

 And to be located out on the prairie like this. . .  AND the metal roof. . .sigh. . .

This is the old barn that sits near the house. Where's my chickens? 

I could never live in a place this small anymore.  This is the apartment of Neal Caffery on the series "White Collar."

The antiques, the floor  that big skylight!

What's not to love in this kitchen?  The stove is AWESOME!  The cabinets and their finish is gorgeous.  The subway tile on the wall is fantastic!

Big windows lead to a rooftop patio.  Again the FLOORS!!

Antique fireplace surround.  This mismatched chairs.   

The wooden bookcase!  Antique wall mirror.

It was also hard to find pictures of the inside of Green Gables house.  I especially like the inside of Green Gables when Anne and Gilbert fix it up to live in after Marilla and Mathew are gone.  I can't remember which show that was in but it had a fire, I think.

Woodstove, wood table, beadboard.

This is not Anne's room from the television show, but it's a representation of it at the Anne of Green Gables Museum.

Victorian wallpaper, potted plants.

lace curtains in the parlor and thebig potted ferns!

There are more neat fictional houses.  Those will keep for another day, another post!

Let Elizabeth know if you do a post like this so she can check it out. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Great Hero of the Faith

It was an exciting couple of days for myself and my student.  

Patch the Pirate came to town.  He is scheduled for several services at a church we used to attend.  Last night we took our Pastor's children and our student to see him sing and preach.

This morning the Christian School of that church held chapel services and invited the home schoolers to attend as well.  I jumped right on that wagon.  I don't often go on field trips with home school group.  In fact the last field trip I attended with them was in the fall of 2012.  WOW.

I titled this a Great Hero of the Faith.  He is one of my great hero's and that of both my sons as well.  He doesn't make millions of dollars throwing a football while refusing to honor the Flag and the National Anthem.  He doesn't make millions of dollars acting in super hero movies that are totally inappropriate for anyone to see, much less the children who are fans of such a super hero.

He is a man who has personal struggles such as cancer and the death of a child from suicide.  He has continued, throughout his life, to remain serving God and giving praise to him.  

He is a man I am honored to have met.

He is a man I am honored to share a love of music with by singing his songs.

He is a man I am honored to make a hero  for my children and my grandchildren.
It was a blessing seeing you today Patch the Pirate.  May God continue to use you and your life for his glory!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Friday Harbor

We traveled by ferry to the quaint town of Friday Harbor.  I loved everything we saw and did this day.  It was so picturesque.

Mt. Baker makes a stunning backdrop for pictures of this area.

Mt. Baker get ready for a close up!

That is Anacortes, Washington in the background, the port in which this particular ferry departs

A nest in the piling that is hold the pier in place.

Beth is getting a little better at taking selfies, not as  much chin.

We passed by Decautur,  Blakely,  Orcas, Shaw and Lopez Islands before arriving at San Juan Island, home to Friday Harbor

entering Friday Harbor

so charming

and delighful


so lovely

I love the color of the sail covers and bottom of this sailboat

more Friday Harbor boats

colorful buildings

two wacky sisters being greeted by this shop host

who wants a smmoooooccchhh?

Yes, I took a picture of a sign for Ace hardware.  I was impressed that there was a mom and pop hardware store here.

125 year old elm tree

Most beautiful sister under the 125 year old elm tree.

The underside of the elm tree.  I love the curving branches all twisty and pretty.

Flower boxes in front of a store

I've recently become fascinated by steam punk.  There were three lamps in this shop window.  This one of 'guts' was my favorite.

I took pictures of the books in the two bookstores we visited so I could come home and request them at my library for free.  I was particularly interested in "The Charms of Authur Pepper" and "The last Bookaneer"

And all of these might interest Sully

A little corner store who advertise in the window the goods you may find inside.

crackle paint worthy of a photo

a pretty building, color and all, especially the gable trim.

A picnic area on the way to the docks.

My gorgeous sister Eli

more scenic harbor


This little guy was hanging out next to the fish market~he looks like he is posing for pictures

fresh crab $9.99 a pound~ and these seemed large to me?


You can tell my husband may have influenced what I take pictures of.

This is a cute little craft.  Does it have room for my hot tub though?

so pretty

These folks were helping this man cast off his sailboat.

He called out "See you in a few days!"

just needs a frame

for Stacey

another cute little place

This was a busy bookstore.  Busy with customers and busy with books.  See how high they are stacked on the floor?  In the shelves they were two and three rows deep.  A sign on the doorway as you enter promised "Computerized Inventory"  It had to be or you'd never know what treasure was buried within. While we were browsing, the proprietor took a phone call.  Someone was looking for a particular book.  She thought she might have it in the recently acquired box of books that was beneath the desk (WHERE?)  She'd have a quick look as those books under the desk have not been cataloged yet.  She was going to call them back.  My favorite was the shelf that held books by local authors.  I chose a mystery for me and a biography for Stacey.

After browsing the bookstore we headed to a local pub to have lunch.

I had fish and chips and Eli had a salmon fish taco?

This was my favorite store in Friday Harbor.  This place was all about lavender.  (Which by the way, was in full bloom all over the island, so lovely)

Lavender ice cream, pet spray, tea, soap, lotion everything you can think of. . .lavender style

kidding around

the best coffee at San Juan Coffee Roasters! for REAL order some!!!

Heading back to Anacortes.

bye bye Friday Harbor, I hope to see you again someday. . .