Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Glimpse At My Life


Outside my window...  Well it says the high yesterday was 88 degrees.  I believe it.  I opened a few windows and a few doors to the outside temperatures.  It got up to 79 degrees in my house.  a nice change from the chilly days we've had mixed in with the sunshine.  It is expected to be a bit cooler today, maybe around 77 degrees.  There are a few dark clouds in the sky, but threat of rain until Thursday.

I am thinking...  I am relieved to have a major portion of December over.  I can make check marks on my to -do list on items that have completed.  I have a few more things to do and to prepare for.  After Sunday I am taking a week-long stay-cation in my home :-)

I am thankful...  I am always thankful for the provision of the Lord.  I am thankful he allows me to be a blessing to others with my time, talent and treasure.  I am thankful for my home, my family and my friends.

In the kitchen...  I've set out butter, eggs and cream cheese. I want to make some cookies today to pass out to two of my Landlords.  One is a chiropractor, I figure his patients will enjoy the cookies.  

I need to go grocery shopping for meats.  I may make pork chops with wild rice and broccoli tonight.  I've got some amazing Cauliflower growing in the garden and want to make a Cheesey Cauliflower Soup this week.
One the menu for Christmas Day...Homemade cinnamon rolls, Steak and Lobster tails with butter, green salad, baked potatoes, cherry cheesecake.  Sounds yummy.  What are you having?

I am wearing...  It's early yet, I'm still in my pajamas.  I MAY get dressed today.

I am creating...  Well that big list I said I had? It is mainly complete.  I keep thinking of things I want to do though. Here is what has been completed since I spoke to you last~
Costumes for play-Done
Donkey for play-Done
8 neighborhood treat package made, assembled and delivered-Done
Invitations made and passed out for Christmas Cookie Exchange Party-Done
2 batches of jam-Done
House clean-Done
Floors shined-Done
House rearranged-Done
Things assembled for a Cookie Exchange Party-Done
Christmas Gifts wrapped-Done
200+ Christmas letters and cards with pictures-Done
Flash drives made with pictures for the Grandma's-Done

I still have a few things to do:
1)Make/Assemble games for cookie party
2)find gumdrops to make doorprize for cookie party
3)set tables for cookie party
4)make food for cookie party
5)make cheesecake for church Christmas party
6)bathe dog and his bedding before cookie party
7)Go Christmas shopping for Sully
8)Go meat shopping
9)make cookies and pass out for Landlords (give them Cauliflower?)
10)Make swag and wall hanging for a gift
11)get church Christmas cards signed and ready to pass out

I am going...  I need to make a run to the post office and find a craft store that sells artificial flowers.  Very diapointed in the selection at WalMart and Jo-Ann fabric.  Sometimes I wish for a nice Hobby Lobby.  Christmas shopping. Etc...

I am praying...  I am praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying for far away family.  For health.  For wisdom.

I am reading/watching... I can't remember what book I am reading.  It's a good book.  About a brother and sister who run a boarding house and are solving a mystery.

I've been watching Cannon and enjoying it very much.  The boys have been watching Transformers Prime.

I am looking forward to...  Having some more family time.  Those days seem to be few and far between.  My husband is a workaholic.  He told me the other day we couldn't take a family day because there was "intel" that a drug boat 'might' be coming in.  Hello!  Excuse me!  Now I have to plan family time around suspected drug activity?  He isn't even on duty.  Let the duty agents handle it please... okay rant over...for now.

From the learning room...  We are on week 14 in home school.  Right on schedule.  I think we are going to take next week off.  We took last week off as well.

Around the house...  Ahhh...the house looks nice after being neglected for several weeks.  The floors are all shiny, things are dusted.  I've got a potpourri pot simmering with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

I am pondering... family time, camping, yard work, garden work, stuff.

A favorite quote for today...  
Christmas doesn't come from a store, 
maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....”   
 Dr. Seuss
My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern,
 is very simple: loving others.
 Come to think of it, 
why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”
Bob Hope

 One of my favorite things...  The smell of Christmas.  Can't you smell it in the air?  the crispness, the sweetness, the tree?

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Completing my lists :-)

A peek into my day...  Posting some photo's of the last few weeks.

Eating breakfast in front of his newly decorated tree.  can you believe this is our Wal Mart bargain artificial tree?  $20.00!
 The family is packed up and ready to go camping over Thanksgiving break.
 Sunset from the campground.
 Our little camp.
 Our church choir caroling at the mall.

 Kammie and Sully posing for a Christmas picture for my Christmas letter.
 ready to practice
 Church Christmas play.  Can you see be behind the BIG, Huge, GIANT music folder?  I had to hold it that high because of the little girl in front of me. :-)
 the keepers of our Christmas family photo's

 the shepherds
 Mayr and Joseph (Sully)

That's all for now folks.  Enjoy your week.
Thanks You Simple Woman's Daybook for helping to inspire this post.