Friday, March 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

Our church is very small.  In people numbers and in building size.  We do not have a proper fellowship hall.  The one we can use on our property is very expensive to rent.  But because our church is small, we've offered our home to have church fellowships in.  In February, we hosted two such fellowships.  A surprise birthday party for an evangelist and the Sweetheart Banquet.

My Pastor and his family plus one extra.  The next picture is the evangelist and his wife with our Pastor's family.

Some of the food and people.

More people.


The next few pictures are of the Sweetheart Banquet.  My husband and I hosted and prepared the food, devotion, and games.  We thought there would only be 2 other couples attending and were pleasantly surprised to add two extra place settings at mealtime!  Sorry the pictures are terrible.  The lighting in that room in the evenings turns everything orange. . .

Grilled Steak
Shrimp with garlic butter
Cheesy vegetables Normandy
Baked Potatoes
Green Salad
Dinner Rolls

Assorted Flavored Sparkling Cider
Iced Tea and Coffee

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

John and Sarah

Pastor and Shannon

Sylvia and Raphael

Stacey and Beth


  1. So glad you are getting back into Xanga.  Love that you offered your house for fellowship.  How special.  Great pictures!  Thanks for sharing 

  2. its wonderful that you are able to do that!!! Love the tablescape!

  3. that is nice of you to offer your home and you were the one blessed I'm sure.that is too bad that you don't have room at your church.

  4. It looks so beautiful.  You are the perfect hostess. 

  5. Hi... thank you for sharing a blessing with Xangans.Praise God.Its so nice to have Christ in the home.Hunt

  6. Doing what you love to do and you are so good at it, go girl.  I love you.

  7. Hi Beth, Sweetheart dinner reminds me of LBC in Kodiak, our version of "the dating game" contest which I recall Randy and Sandy won... :)  And small church, is a blessing perhaps.   Little is much, when God is in it.....  Take care, Love... Juengers

  8. Hi, I'm Leanne and I discovered you through Emily's Posts.  We live in SW Washington...and I know you don't because I saw that you said it was in the 80's where you live!!?? Wow, that sounds wonderful, it's rainy and gray here!!I'm glad that you're recovering well from your surgery.  The Lord is GOOD!  Your perspective seems very healthy and very refreshing!! I was blessed to see that you are so thankful to Him.I noticed that you said you were watching The Widow's husband, David, is the composer for that movie!! So great to see people enjoying the film so much.  My husband also composed the original score for Come What May, The Heartwood Dagger, Every Day a Gift From God, and a documentary for HardHats For Christ.  You can find more of his work on sound, under gilmasher.Anyway, it was fun to read your blog.  I'll be back...and you can find me