Thursday, April 14, 2011

~~It's Thursday~~

Outside my window~  It's wet out my window.  But the day promises to be grand.  We'll be heading outside shortly to get ourselves dirty!

This paper, ash and food scraps will be worked into the soil as 'worm food'

(puddles of water from yesterday's rain)

Fresh soil and manure added to this bed already!

I will be working on this one shortlty and the 'garden beds'

I am thankful for~ I am thankful for having stuff.  I love my stuff and am glad it surrounds me in my home and makes my home different than anyone else's home.  I probably have too much stuff but I am thankful for it!

 Exodus 36:7   "For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much."

  From the learning rooms~  We received our achievement test results.  I am happy to say, my student did very well.  I am thinking that we are going to be done with school for this year, with the exception of some skill building in spelling, money, time and a few other things.  I am so proud of his scores in reading.  I can't but help pat myself on the back and say, "I TAUGHT HIM HOW TO READ!!"

(click on picture for a larger view)

I am in Matthew chapter 12 at least.  I am trying to read a little here and there and take notes for studying later.  I can see many great days coming on the back porch reading

 From the kitchen~  Things from the kitchen are kinda crazy.  It is April, my manly man has to meet a standard weigh in requirement at the end of the month.  He is ferociously eating greens and running.  I am trying to be kind and fix HUGE green salads.  We've had salad and baked potatoes at least 3 times in the last week!


I think every April and October (weigh in months) he gives serious consideration to retireing from military life!

(Does he wish he had this body back?)

  I am wearing~   In my pj's.  I will be changing to yard working clothes!

I am creating~  No creating.  I am thinking about spending some money and get some photos processed for that photo album update project.  I can't wait, in a few more weeks the nurseries will start carrying bedding and garden plants.  My flower beds will be so pretty!
I am thinking~  I am am STILL thinking about summer things.  Camping, dirt bike riding, a new truck, 4X4 trips in my husbands Toyota project, blueberry picking, fishing hiking and other things!
  • I found a small pond I want to try fishing in with bobbers and worms.
  • Saw some pretty trucks on ebay and craigslist last night.

  • That pretty truck would go well with this trailer, don't you think?

  • With one of these one two three of these the bed of the trailer!



  I am reading/watching~   BEDEVILED EGGS by Laura Childs.  This book is not as good as the others I have read by the same author.  It has people sleeping around who are not married and drinking far more than I remember in other books.  Some of the recipes look good though.
Bedeviled Eggs

Favorite Things~

Enjoying my yard.


Around the house~ Needs vacuuming.  Beds are not made.  Dishes in the sink.  OH MY!!

  I am praying~   Praying for Grandma Mae.  She is going through a big change in her life.  At 90, she is going to be going to live with my mother and father in law in Tennessee.  I think she is excited about the change.  It will be fun for mother and daughter to spend time together.

(that's Grandma Mae on the left.)

Something to share~ I WON a prize.  This sweet pin made with love from my sweet friend Amanda at this blog~ Trenttribe

I'll be wearing it next time I go to church.  Wont it be fun to plan a day's wardrobe around this pin!  FUN!!
  Have a great weekend Friends!


  1. Oohh, now you got me itchin' to plant flowers even worse! lol  That bobber in the water makes me want to sit on a bank somewhere, barefoot and fish while dippin' mah toes in the water. Beautiful pin!  Also love the photo of the hummingbird and the feeder. What a neat pic!    How do you like your fire pit? I ask because we have considered getting one of those or a chimnea. I'm leaning more towards the pit myself.

  2. Have a wonderful day out in the yard! and Yay for the reading ! woohooo!!!

  3. Love the hummingbird photo!  So happy you are getting your hands in the dirt!  I know how much you've been longing to.  :)  Don't forget to clip the strings from your flower pin. It's suppose to fray but I always have to clip the stringies before I wear it.  :) 

  4. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.  I do so enjoy Thurs. posts.