Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boot Camp Trip Part II

Chris, Sharon and baby Anastasia to help us celebrate!

A fun display of weapons drill team.  The Commander for this drill team communicated just by the click of his heels to his recruits!!  It was amazing!

Our recruit is 6th one in, on the last row.  hard to see and my silly camera. . . most all my pics are blurry!

he is the 4th face on the row with the flag!


6th from the end!!

That's him with his graduation certificate!

Daddy handing him his zoom zoom keys for his truck!!

The End!!


  1. has he changed?most of my pics were blurry as well. I think the cameras shake b/c our hearts are pounding so fast!! LOL

  2. @victoriantomboy - He it THIN.  Probably lost over 10 pounds.  He seems more put together, voice is deeper.  Dad says he is more mature.  So very HANDSOME in that uniform.  Makes me remember his Dad at that age!! 

  3. Jake GAINED! About 15 lbs! But it was all muscle. Definitely no fat! He has still put on a bit of weight. Right now, he is at a good healthy weight if he can keep it like that. More put together- that's a good way to put it. It always has a way of maturing them dont it?As we were going into the restaurant last night, there was a boy who was walking out in his fatigues. Hubby gave him a donation of $$. He told us..."Sir, you dont have to do this." Jimmy said , "No I dont. But we WANT to.  My son is in the Army as well, and I've seen MANY people walk up and pay for his meal, and its only fair we return the favor." It feels good to feel part of a "camaraderie ~ a family."

  4. You must be SO proud! Congratulations to your family.I just went through all of your posts. That lobster looks soooooo good! I love seafood.Enjoy your weekend. =)