Thursday, March 17, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

(our maple trees are budding like this one!)

Outside my window~ Sunny and spring like.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees.  Too bad one sunny day doesn't dry out the yard enough to turn some dirt!!  Not sure if I am getting ready for a nice cold or if my alergies are starting to act up.  I am on day 3 of Claritin and still have the scratchy sore throat.  Tree pollens and mold are working around here.

I am thinking~  Thinking and praying for my two traveling men on the way to Mississippi.  They are stopping this afternoon in Tennessee to see some very proud grandparents.

I am thankful for~  Being able to spend a few days with my new Coast guardsman.  I got to see him as he was before, slightly unorganized and scatterbrained.  He ate some good food and got some rest the last couple nights.

From the learning room~  No school today, probably not tomorrow either and we didn't do any yesterday!   We DID attempt a spelling lesson on Monday.  Next week, we'll hit the books hard and try to get some things done.  I ordered an achievement test for him and need to get that administered.


(He asked for a haircut like his BIG brother.  I was happy to give him one!)

From the kitchen~  hmmm?  Leftovers such as lasagna, green salad and enchiladas- or just plain junk. . .I wonder what our mood will be?

(Easy Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake.  That is a boxed cake mix with Chocolate Frosting.  For frosting~ mix one box chocolate pudding mix with 1/2 cold coffee and 1/4 cup cold milk, stir until thick then fold pudding mix into 1 small tub of cool whip.  Frost cake with chilled cool whip mixture.  Keep refrigerated.)

I am wearing~  I am still wearing my pj's.  Maybe I'll go take a shower soon and put on a shirt and a pair of capri's.

(for some reason being like a big boy was fascinating this week.  He is wearing Daddy's shoes while we watched a movie)

I am creating~  Still thinking about rearranging some areas of my home.  I walked around Home Depot looking for inspiration this week.  My husband put in a new toilet yesterday.  I am not sure why exactly.  The old toilet hadn't been working properly for almost 6 months, it sounded like it was running all the time.  He messed with the toilet for several hours. . . parts from the inside kept breaking off.  He finally brought home a new toilet on his third run to Home Depot.

(the new toilet)

I am going~  We are going over to see baby Anastasia and Sharon tomorrow.  We'll play some games. . .maybe Rack-o.  Saturday, bachelor David, #2 son and I are going out to Chinese buffet before he heads to work.

I am reading/watching~  I am about ready to start my correspondence course.  I need to go and get some notebook paper and good pencils.  I like to write things on paper first, then type.

Around the house~  The house needs vacuuming.  The sheets are off Aaron's bed and in the wash.  I have new sheets on order for my bed.  My cat keeps ripping holes in my fitted sheets.  I am not sure why.  I've lost two sets of sheets this last year because of holes.  So I'll be removing flannel sheets and extra blankets.  It looks like it may be a good time to get out the short sleeved things and pack away the long sleeved for next winter.

(My silly Christmas cactus is showing me all six, pretty flowers!)

I am praying~  I am praying for far away family to have answers to prayer.  I am praying for the desires of my heart.  I am praying for  fun summer doing fun things.

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Ha!!  I have to go pick up my manly man from the train station in Newark at 10:30 Sunday night.  Spending time with friends and cuddling with my #2 Bubba.

Something to share~  #1 son decided to quickly fly to Texas over the weekend.  He wanted to see his fiancee.  On the way back from taking him to Laguardia airport, we stopped by NYC's Chelsea Market and enjoyed a cappacino and a pastry.  We finally got to see inside the building across the street, where my husband works.  He took us to use the rest room.

Atlantic Halibut $ 25.00 per pound.  Halibut was what we caught frequently in Alaska, mainly for free!


I think someone is spying on us in Dad's building.

A model airplane display in the hallway of Dad's building.

~~Have a great weekend friends!~~


  1. Thanks for sharing, I do love your Thursday posts.  That is a lot of hair you cut off #2 son.  Glad you enjoyed your time with #1 son. 

  2. LOL, love the pic of your son peeking his head out of the tub when you are showing us your  new toilet! It must be alot warmer over there than here! we are still basically way to cold for anything close to short sleeves! 

  3. @mamaof3bugs - We are too!  We're almost there.  My son will hit Mississippi and it looks like it's going to be almost 80 degrees!!  

  4. I wish I was still in my jammies!!!!  Lucky girl!!! : )

  5. Hey, you've got better weather than us.  It's cold and windy here today.  Glad you've got some sunshine!I miss our fresh, free Halibut!  One of our neighbors was up there with his ship, we thought about having him get us some at the cannery when he was in Dutch.   He does look like his big brother! 

  6. that cake looks good!wished YOU were in TN!!

  7. hooray for maple buds and 70 degrees and haircuts and new toilets!! :)and cool model airplane display~ my ben would like that

  8. Hi Beth,We are so proud of Aaron!   and we really miss our "cheerful giver" at church, #2 son!We are moving to Chesapeake, VA soon, we might look you guys up when we get settled there.Take care (PS, don't eat that halibut, it looks like it has been sitting there a while..!)

  9. SO sweet that #2 wanted hair to be like #1! I just love that! And mmmmmm, your choc. frosting sounds yummy, I will have to try that!