Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boot Camp Trip Part I

Banjo loves trips.

Cape May Lighthouse

Shores of Cape May

Surf and Turf Dinner-  These ladies are dressed to serve dinner.

Waiting for dinner.


Yummy X 2!!

Our dinner view.

#2 had chicken fingers

An interesting building on the way back to our beds.

Cape May Lighthouse

Dinner for Aaron--Mexican by request!

#2 son's birthday present from big BRO!


  1. we've got the same plates!!!!Aaron's BIG BOWL is impressive! Big supper! lolI'm not a seafood person, but I tried a bit of lobster last night- not too bad.

  2. @victoriantomboy - Lobster is better very fresh, dipped in melted butter.  YUM!  That bowl help the homemade corn chips.  They are awesome.  Plates ?...why am I not surprised?   We have sooo much stuff that is similar!! 

  3. @betheelou - I think this lobster was grilled. I still wouldnt order it, but I'll take a few bites from hubby! lol

  4. Beautiful pictures.  The seafood looks so good!  I'm a little homesick for my New England.

  5. YUM!!!!What a cool lego set! My son would LOVE that!