Monday, March 21, 2016

Around Here

 New Patio Chair Cushions
 Setting Up Camp with my #2 son
 The calm before the storm
 pretty soon the sky will darken and the wind will howl, releasing some much needed rain.
 bring on the rain
 viewing the setting sun
 waves during storms=beautiful
 Pretty Sunset
 My handsome camp partner
 Sunset Night 2


  1. What a neat campground! Did you get soaked?

  2. We managed to get inside the camper before a squall came through. It rained and blew for several hours shaking the trailer good. I wanted to sleep in the back of the truck that night but found there is a leak in the front where the canopy meets the bed. The mattress in there and got wet. I moved the bedding (not mattress) over to the trailer and slept all nice and warm with Banjo on my feet. Tonya and the girls came for two nights and I eventually slept in the back of the truck with Sully and Banjo. We had no more rain so we stayed dry.