Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Day Weekend


Wow!  The weather has been so nice around here.  We had a marvelous three day weekend.

Saturday~  On Saturday I babysat Tonya's girls, Samantha and Katherine. 

We went out to the back yard and fed the neighbors goats some grass.

Opa, Pa Pa, Grandpa, Grumpy. . .tried on his new reading glasses for facebook pictures.

Then he got some cuddle time in after lunch.

We're enjoying being on the recieving end of free produce from the neighbors next door.  Pictured in the basket is a Pomelo, oranges and grapefruit.

Sunday~  A church day.  No pictures of that.  Most everyone was out sick.

Monday~  an extra day off.  Thank You Martin Luther King!

We drove out to the desert and did a little hiking, rock collecting and sight seeing.
ooppss. . .sorry couldn't resist throwing this one in.  She sure is a pretty truck!

This trail was called Palm Canyon.  Out in the middle of nowhere, grew these grove of Native California Fan Palms.


Granite rock with mica.
Mica settling into the sand after a rain.  In the right light the black appeared as gold.
I'm guessing some retired artist made these metal sculptures and placed them (in the middle of nowhere)  Gives you a reason to visit I suppose?

Dragon head.  Dragon body.

Our family.

Have a great week friends!


  1. Ooh -- you went to Borrego Springs -- the story behind the sculptures is that Dennis Avery (of Avery Labels) saw a dinosaur atop a store on I-15 -- he decided it would be fun to have sculptures of Borrego's prehistoric critters on his land spotted around Borrego Springs.  The artist gained notoriety as a result of the nearly 70 pieces he placed in the desert there!  They're wonderful!!!

  2. Awesome sculptures!  Beautiful landscape.  Have a very blessed week!

  3. @slmret - They were really cool.  Have you been there as well?

  4. @betheelou - I usually get down there for a weekend each February or March -- I have friends who winter there.   I'm not sure I'll get there this year, but it should be beautiful in late February -- with the rains they had a week or two ago, the flowers should be out in force!

  5. The truck is gorgeous!     Love the dragon!  How are you feeling?????