Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello Tuesday!

Outside my window... 
A very nice southern California day.  It's about 70 degrees and sunny.  A beautiful day.

I am thinking...  Thinking about to-do projects.  Thinking about getting things done around here.

I am thankful... 
I am always thinking about the provisions God gives to us.  I am so thankful HE meets my every need and makes my life so fun.

In the kitchen...
Leftovers for dinner today.  I've had smoked turkey and mashed potatoes for tow meals so far today.  I'm going to have A leftover grilled hamburger for dinner.  My #2 son wants to have corn dogs and tater tots.

I am wearing... 
My new to me, green capris and a moroon colored tank top.  I lost a little bit of weight recovering from my surgery and it's been staying off.  My new capri's are size 6.  I am thrilled!

I am creating... 
Going to be creating some new to-do lists.
  • Finish my Bachelor's degree
  • Make a salvation tract for our Toyota
  • Finish #2 son's school year by July 1st
  • Finish yardwork
  • Make marmalade with friends
  • go camping
  • Start up walking again for excersize

I am going...
No plans on going anywhere the rest of the week.  My home-school buddy Shannon @jssteph7 and I need to go on a couple of home-school field-trips!

I am praying... 
Praying for far away family.  Praying for far away family and their health.  Praying for my Juneau children and baby grandchild.  They have found out that IT'S A GIRL!!

I am reading/watching... 
I am currently reading Hatteras Girl by Alice J. WislerNot far enough into the book to determine if it's a good read or not.

We watched Foyle's War while my Mother visited.  It was a very good period drama.  A WWII detective solving cases while the war interferes.

From the learning rooms... 
We just finished a big review.  English this week is on homonyms.  I just love them!

Around the house...
My mother just left yesterday, after about 20 days with us.  We are washing bedding today.   I also cleaned the guest bath today.  I've had lots of company this month.  My current company will be in and out of the house until May 8th.  Then I'll have my dear friends Chris, Sharon and baby Anastasia visit May 17-20.  The house is fairly clean.  My cat coughed up a hairball on my bed yesterday so I had to wash ALL my bedding too!

One of my favorite things...
I'm craving some rosemary bread dipped in olive oil with seasonings.  It is so yummy.  I've made it a few times this past month. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: 
Dinner with our Pastor and his family and our company on Friday.  I'm going to make Carne Asada Nachos and Butterscotch Layered Dessert.  If it stays cool, I may work in the yard tomorrow or Thursday.

A peek into my days...

Antique stores in Ramona, California with my Mom @sharolsplace

Eating barbecue in Julian, California

More company. . . visiting together  (Monica, Jim and @sharolsplace)

Going to the El Cajon car show to pass out tracts.

My Mom wanted red streaks in her hair.  This is how we rednecks color hair without proper, expensive tools.  Picnic utensils!!

During the highlights!

The results.  She liked them!

Spring piano recital.


  1. your mom is wildmy girlfriend lived in Jamaul,Ca. the food looks good,too.

  2. Great that your mom could visit for a while.  Your to do list looks impressive.   A girl.....woohoo, my first grandbaby was a girl (actually my first 3 were girls)   Love the pictures, like the red streaks in your mom's hair too!    A size 6, that is fabulous.

  3. congrats on the granddaughter! the ultrasound pics are amazing--i think she's smiling!--karen

  4. You guys have settled into your new home, new city, and new life beautifully!  :)  Congrats on your baby grandgirl!  You'll love having your first girl.  ;)  You look awesome.  Woohoo size 6.  Go Girl! 

  5. Hi Beth,    I finally got to "IM" Aaron at work, found out about his daughter on the way. That is wonderful news, as another says it will be your first girl.  I emailed Aaron and ManlyMan when Aaron made rank; I understand if he does not have time to reply.We finally joined a church here in VA Beach; Diamond Springs BC will be our new home for at least several years.Take care , Sister.Youngereachday!