Monday, May 5, 2014

Best Girls, Sunday Church, Errands

It was an uneventful weekend here at my house.  

My WONDERFUL husband had to work.  My best girls came over for a beauty parlor day and lunch.  I cut and highlighted Tonya's hair.  She cut both of her girls hair.  I then straightened out Sammie's hair and Mommy trimmed up the uneven ends after it was straightened.  I fixed a huge chicken and lettuce salad for lunch and burnt the garlic toast.  I love my little smoke detector..."FIRE*FIRE*FIRE*" she says along with that annoying BEEP-BEEP-BEEP.  Why are smoke detectors ALWAYS in such close proximity to the kitchen anyway?

I had nursery duty on Sunday.  When you have nursery on Sunday morning you have duty for both Sunday school and main service.  Over 2 hours with the same children.  Thankfully, I only had one charmer, Summer who is about 18 months old.  Her Mom says she talks.  You know, one word at a time.  Eat. Please. Thank You. Sister. Mommy. Daddy.

When Summer is with me, she sticks her binky in her mouth and every word she speaks is a grunt.  For added emphasis on her part she grunts louder or longer or in a different tone.  Almost like musical grunting.  She was grumpy.  She was tired.  It was a long morning.

After church we headed east to a little town called Alpine.  They have a great burger restaurant there called 'Fred's Old Fashioned Burgers'  they make a great bacon cheeseburger and awesome peanut butter milkshake.  Can you guess what I ordered? 
After we ate we ran into Wal Mart so I could pick up the stuffing I need for sewing my homemade sleeping bags. I bought four packages.  We also picked up some Mother's Day cards to stick in the mail.

Then we headed over to my favorite garden center, Armstrong's to purchase seeds for the garden.  I am blessed that I have a location so near to my house.  I am about 4 weeks late getting my melon seeds planted.  I needed to have them planted at the first of April to have melon by July 4th.  Oh well.  Now I have the seeds.   I need three more old tires for this project.

We then took a little drive into the country to a road we had seen before that had discarded tires on it.  No tires. . .and a hose came off the power steering pump.  It was a very bad and bumpy road.  Tonight I will try to find more tires on another road . . .
The final stop for errands was Home Depot where we need to purchase hardware cloth for the underside of the tires.  This cloth keeps out the gophers.  We have it on the bottom of the garden boxes and it works great.
That was my weekend.  How was yours?

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