Thursday, February 23, 2012

~~It's Thursday!~~

(TRUE or NOT??)

Outside my window...  Beautiful, blustery, springlike!!

I am thinking... I am thinking about getting those projects started.  I'm going to start with my photo wall.  I need to bring things down from the attic and put them in Aaron's old room.  I need to start using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the walls.  I have a pile of stuff for the thrift store and more to add to it.

I am thankful... I am thankful for being able title and register our new truck in our state of record, Oregon and saving over $3500.00 in New Jersey taxes and fees!  Ha!! 

In the kitchen...Grilled chicken tenders, Orzo pasta with cheese a vegetable.

I am wearing...  I am not wearing this today.  This is my puffy hair from the other day.  I have on jeans and bright green 3/4 sleeve tee.  NO fixed hair.

I am praying...  Praying for my newly married children.  My son left for  another Caribbean deployment this morning.  Maggie is in my prayers.  Aaron should hear soon about his standing on the wait list for "A" school and receive a for sure date for that.

Praying for the sale of our van soon.

Praying still for our move.  My husband will be spending ALL DAY tomorrow at the shooting range with his bosses and his potential replacement.  Please pray that something WILL BE DECIDED concerning the replacement and our move date.

I am reading/watching...I am reading Clive Cussler.  We are watching, Bionic Woman, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Planet of the Apes. . .all as time allows.

From the learning rooms...  My student is hard at work.  We had school day at Barnes and Noble with Daddy the other day.  It was a special treat.  We haven't done that for a while now.  This afternoon we will visit the library and see what we find.

Around the house...  My house is really dusty.  It needs dusted thoroughly and the windows need opened for a good airing . . .but not today.

My desk.
 ((Schoolwork.  Vehicle files.  A list of my freezer contents.  Recipe ideas brough home from the magazines at Barnes and Noble.  Mail.))

One of my favorite things...  I'll probably bring home a few cookbooks today.  I love to look at the pictures in cookbooks.  I use them to get inspiration for my menu.

I copy recipes I like on 3X5 cards and stick them in a file such as this.  I wanted to copy recipes for my two nieces while Joy was here.  It something we didn't have time to complete

A few plans for the rest of the week:  My only plan for the weekend is cooking a couple meals.  Bachelor David coming over to share on meal.  Maybe a drive to look at trailers??

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.


  1. Absolutely love your Thurs. posts.  I know, I say that every week.  Glad things are going well for you and that you have a meal planned with David.  I am wondering what will happen to him when you guys move!  Will someone else take up where you left off with him?   You have been such a blessing in his life. 

  2. Such a fun post.  Those chicken tenders look wonderful!!

  3. That chicken looks delicious! I love cookbooks, too. I  go to the library and check them out - tons of them at a time. Now, I like pinterest for viewing recipes. It's so fun. Are you in Oregon now?! I've not been on Xanga much. I like your puffy hair- it's pretty! :)