Thursday, April 19, 2012

~~It's Thursday, Isn't it?~~

Outside my window...  Beautiful day today.  It's a comfortable temperature.  We're expecting a good soaking rain this weekend.  All the allergy sufferers are rejoicing.  Tree pollen is especially bothersome right now.

Tree pollen on the vehicles.

I am thinking...  I am thinking, yep. 
Actually, I am thinking that the man who recently took my passport photo, should work for the DMV and the Military ID office taking their pictures.

Passport photo

DMV photo

Military ID photo

I am thankful...  I am thankful for husband, for who he is and what he does for me and his family.  I am thankful that we're still enjoy each others company after 23 years together.

In the kitchen...  I don't remember what is on my menu.  I've misplaced the menu among piles of stuff here and there around the house.  I made salmon patties, mashed potatoes and garlic broccoli for dinner.  I also cleaned out a few baking items today and made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread and a small pan of Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars.  My husband is due for his semi-annual Coast Guard weigh in at the end of this month.  I feel like we've been on a salad diet since February. . .I'm sure we haven't.

I am wearing...  Long, comfortable khaki green, skirt, turquoise colored tee and navy colored sweater.  I pulled my hair out of my eyes this morning and secured it with bobby-pins.  I haven't looked at myself since!

I am creating...  Piles, Piles Everywhere.  If I had a picture, I'd show you that I've added some piles since last week.  I think maybe I'm a bit lazy and don't want to walk downstairs to get the camera. . . O.K.  I got the camera.

I'm taking down the chicken collection in the kitchen, washing and drying them all and moving them to an area in the dining room.  The shelves will come down, and the holes will get patched.  On the counter you can see the pumpkin bread and pan of peanut butter chocolate chip bars I made today.  And yes, that is the dog food bowl right next to the people food.  Banjo gets to have Salmon juice all over his dog food tonight.  A special treat for him.

 this is the area that the chickens have moved.

This is the pile of stuff on the dining room table.  Next to the table, is the area rug from  the family room downstairs.  I want to rent a rug cleaner and clean both my area rugs before rolling them up and getting them out of my way.

I updated my photo wall.  I've bagged all the loose photo's and have yet to purchase another photo album.  If I get some time and get major bored, I may put the loose photos in an album before everything gets packed up.

That photo is of the ever-growing pile of thrift store donations.  I'm sure I'll have lots more soon.

I am going...  Tomorrow I am going to go get Bachelor David.  We're going to Chinese buffet for lunch with Baby Anastasia and #2 son, then David has a follow-up appointment with a Dr.  My dessert baking marathon today will pay off tomorrow as David and Sharon can help us eat those desserts.

I am praying. . . praying always for the desires of my heart.  Praying for my health.  Praying for wisdom.  Praying that the Lord will continue to  make the way smooth for the move to San Diego.  Praying for @mggkln as her husband is due to come home from a long deployment on his ship.  Praying for my Mom, @sharolsplace as she continues to heal from the surgery to repair a fractured knee.

I am reading/watching...I am continuing to read all the Nancy Springer books I could find in the juvenile section of the library.  I started The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets last night.  Ms. Springer has also penned a series about the daughter of Robin Hood, called Rowan Hood.  I look forward to those as well.

If I have any time left at all, I've been watching a few episodes of Quincy, M.E. on netflix.

I am looking forward to...  Moving
From the learning rooms...My student got done early today and will have a free day tomorrow.  He did well with multiplication this week.  He learned all about the two and three multiplication tables.  He is practicing on writing answers in complete sentences, it's not his favorite.

Around the house... Ha!

One of my favorite things...
Strawberry limeaid or cherry limeaid form Sonic.  YUM!

A few plans for the rest of the week: 
My manly man volunteered for a protective service detail next week.  That means we wont be going to Rhode Island, I wont be sitting around the pool or soaking in the hot tub with my frosty iced tea while he is in training.  I am a bit bummed.  But, we do save on food and gas money by not going.  I've been promised a 'date' night instead.

We need to catalog serial numbers and inventory tools and electronic equipment.  I'd like to do that Saturday.  My manly man needs to pile up some of his paint and chemicals and take them down the street to a business that said they'd use them.

Something to Share...
We skipped church on Sunday and enjoyed the beauty of God's creation  and the almost 80 degree weather.  The following are pictures with captions of a great family day at our house.

A vsit to a fish hatchery.  It was closed, so we walked around and had the place all to ourselves.  We didn't go past the fences and look at the fish pond however.

One of my favorite flowers are the little spring violets that are blooming right  now.

I spotted this little, orange and black, wooly caterpillar.  I think it's way too early for them to be out, isn't it?

#2 son wanted the camera to take the next picture.  I think it was a deer.

What I wore.

A 2 mile hike to a Geo-caching location through the wild woods.  I'm not kidding when I say it was buggy.  We probably pulled off 30 ticks from our clothing and Banjo by the time we got back to the truck.  THAT WAS NOT FUN!!  I predict it will be a bad insect summer.

My men.

Can you tell what branch of service we proudly serve?

Have a great weekend friends!



  1. cherry lemon sprite or cherry Dr. Pepper is my FAV from Sonic. Our suppers were almost alike!! Doesnt surprise me at all! lolLove your self picture with the laptop in your lap!! LOLMISS YOU!!

  2. i've been to the pequest fish hatchery!  sorry, i got a bit excited there. i enjoyed visiting your blog. i'm originally from nj--grew up in kenilworth & lived in phillipsburg before moving to maine.  remember hiking on those trails when the kids were little. --karen

  3. What did you do in the service? You sure DO have alot of pollen! That happens here, too. Evil Juniper dust. Ugh. Did YOU draw that violet at the top of your page? It's beautiful! Banjo is such a happy looking dog! You ID pics are....well, the last one is funny. You ARE such a pretty girl!

  4. @Richgem - I am a dependent in the Coast Guard.  My husband is the military member.  But I get a special card, it gives me access to the bases and is like my health insurance card.I didn't draw the violets at the top.  How sweet you think I did!Banjo is very happy all the time.  He LOVES to be out with us doing stuff.

  5. @lifeontheWink - Were the ticks as bad as they are today?  They were awful.  We're not from here.  I am from Oregon and my husband from Missouri.  He is in the military and we're on our way to being transferred to San Diego in about 4 more weeks.  My youngest son was born there, so were excited to return.  We loved San Diego, NJ, not so much!Thanks for stopping by.  It's always encouraging to see new readers to my blog!

  6. @betheelou - yes! ticks are BAD in NJ. I remember undressing the kids in the garage and pulling at least 20 off each one!then we just stayed out of the woods till fall when they seemed less. I grew up in NJ near NY city. I liked pburg, but we wanted a different life than can be had there-so the move to maine & life is awesome here!  Have a great day!

  7. You are one very busy lady ~   My hubby says he thinks insects will be especially bad this summer too ~ ugh!

  8. Ahhh, ok. That makes sense! It's great that you get those benefits! I think the Coast Guard is a very honorable service!

  9. My son is also Coast Guard.  They are moving from Point Reyes to Kingsland here on the east coast.  We'll be glad to have them nearer.  They don't leave until mid-June.We went down yesterday to view the house they've bought.  I like it a lot.  I like Kingsland too!  Kinda made me sad that I've always been in just this one area all my life, but my kids have traveled and loved it.