Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Doings at Our Place

#2 son grabbed the camera over the weekend.  This is what he took pictures of.  He is building a bird nest for the birds in our yard to use.  He thinks they will move into it any day. 

We've been doing a bit of studying on hummingbirds in Science.  We've recently also studied crows and ravens.  It's fascinating to my student how the birds 'marry' and have babies.  It's led to some interesting questions lately!  FUN!!

I guess picture is because Banjo is so photogenic.

The next pictures are what my manly man wanted to do with is new trailer.

He had to hook everything up to see how it looked.

After he was all done playing with the toys in the driveway, we worked in the garage packing up hand tools, taking inventory, writing down serial numbers and snapping pictures of high dollar tools.  Now we've got all his paint and cleaning supplies ready to donate.  Most everything in the garage is ready.  I've just got to patch holes  and clean the freezer.

Tonight for dinner~  Tuna Twist Casserole and salad.  Then we're heading to the gym to swim and sit in the hot tub for our evening entertainment. 

That's all from house for now.  Have a great week!


  1. boy, a hot tub sounds GREAT right now......its gotten COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the pictures, especially the one with Banjo and your son's shadow. Such a neat photo! I agree, the hot tub sounds absolutely fabulous!  Your hubby's toys are awesome. The green on the toyota is a nice color and the trailer is awesome!Looks like the time is winding down and soon you will be moving. Are you excited?