Monday, May 7, 2012

~~It's Monday!~~*Edit added!


Outside my window...  It's cool today.  Rain showers are expected most of the week.  I like rain showers.  The rain helps keep the temperatures down and the grass very green.

I am thinking...  Thinking about all my things to do.  I guess that's a never ending project right now.

I am thankful...  I am so thankful for my little family.

In the kitchen...  A Menu!

Monday-  green salad and baked sweet potatoes

Tuesday-  Soft Taco Dinner

Wednesday-  Apricot Chicken, Rice a Roni,  Green Beans, Fruit

Thursday-  Tomato Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches

Friday-  Afredo Stuffed Jumbo Shells, green salad, garlic bread, cupcakes

Saturday- firepit hotdogs, macaroni salad, baked beans, pistachio salad

Sunday-  Grilled Pork Chops, baked potatoes, salad

I am wearing...  Black tee shirt, comfy skirt, long socks

I am creating...  My creating looks like a big dis-assembly.  I've gotten some things down from the walls.

 Patched a few holes.  I'm just trying to do a bit here and there and not do it all at once.  That's hard for me.
  • Clean out freezer
  • Install the new seat covers in the truck
  • Wipe down fridge in/out
  • clean stove
  • wash windows in/out
  • vacuum thoroughly
  • finish pulling stuff off walls
  • patch holes
  • clean area rugs
  • rub out stain on downstairs carpet
  • clean cupboards
  • pack the things for the trip
I am going...  Heading out to piano practice this afternoon.  I need to go to Wal Mart and get a few things but I wont do that today.  I also have 1/2 of the back of my pickup full of thrift store things to donate

I am praying...  Praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying for my health.  Praying for far away family.  Praying for my married children.  Praying for the desires of my heart.

I am reading...  I am reading Lionclaw by Nancy Springer.  These books are not as good as the sister of Sherlock Holmes ones were.  There is a lot more magic and mysticism in this series about Robin Hoods daughter.

We are continuing our Due South series.  Also watching a bit of Quincy. 
I watched a great chic flick the other night called Bonneville.  Three friends travel in an old Bonneville car from Idaho to Santa Barbara, California.  (There is more to the story, but the story was the movie, I'd hate to give it away.)

I am looking forward to...  We're all looking forward to our drive out to California and the beautiful scenery we will see.  We're all looking forward to getting to San Diego and starting our house hunt.  I think my husband looks forward to getting settled into his new job.

From the learning rooms...Multiplication, synonyms, antonyms, sentences, spelling.  School on the bed toady.  The teacher is taking a rest day.

Around the house...  Ha!  I apologize for my poor houses appearance every time someone comes over.  I am not a messy housekeeper.

One of my favorite things...  One of my favorite things. . .catalogs and magazines!  I love to look at them!
This is a good free catalog with cutesie things in it.  The furniture reminds me of Pottery Barn.  The rugs and bedding seem to be good prices.
Country Door iCatalog App

(I'm really loving this quilt.  Maybe with a teal accent wall and lots of teal throw pillows with a lime green bed skirt.)

Leaving you with~  We drove to New London, Connecticut last Wednesday to attend and a graduation at the Coast Guard Academy for an Officer Candidate.  The young man had been a co-worker of my husbands about 8 years ago.  It was a LONG drive.  After the graduation we drove into Mystic Connecticut and had pizza at Angie's Pizza   "Where the locals go!" 
Angies Pizza


  1. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help when you get to San Diego -- I live about 1-1/2 hours away, and often make that drive.  It's a wonderful town!

  2. Mystic Pizza????  Love the pics, thanks for sharing,  menu sounds good too.    Wished I lived closer, I would help you pack. 

  3. Enjoying getting to know you. :) Going to be great to see you for reals! :)

  4. @oldfatgramma - I'm not packing!  One of the nice things about the military, they give you the option to have movers or not.  We've chosen movers for a long time.  It's a big stress reliever!  I just pull things off the walls, wash curtains and bedding and then do cleaning of the house as I go.  Where are the pictures of your new hair color??

  5. @slmret - I didn't know you were so close by!  We'll have to plan for a xanga meet up sometime in the future.  How kind of you to offer to help me.  You're so sweet 

  6. @JsSteph7 - I'll enjoy meeting you as well.  It looks as if our children are around the same age.  My #2 son (Sully) is 9.

  7. @oldfatgramma - Also it's not the same pizza as the one in the movie.  It's a place the locals recommended the last time we were in that area.  It really is good pizza (Angie's Pizza)

  8. @betheelou - Definitely -- it would be fun to meet you, and perhaps a short excursion would give you a good break from the moving (if I can help too, so much the better).  You know how to get in touch with me here, and I'm usually pretty flexible!

  9. How fun! My oldest, Timothy, is 9. :)

  10. @betheelou - I only said that because it was in Mystic and the pizza made me think of the movie.    Yeah, I know, I need to get that up here.  Soon, I promise.

  11. Enjoyed your monday post!!! s Sounds like you are super busy right now! I'm excited with you about your move!