Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Random Things

A challenge issued by @victoriantomboy!

If you read this . . .

please post on your site. . . .

Three random things about you.

1.  I like to drive with my purse zipped up.  That way if I'm in an accident, the contents of my purse wont come flying out and spread all over the highway.

2.  I love peppermint gum.

3.  I have very skinny ankles.


  1. Ya know....I'm getting the same way with my pocketbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Random things: 1. 10 kids - 3 bio and 7 adopted   2. I'm a CASA worker   3.  I take care of several peoples check books

  3. i used to have to keep the purse right beside me in the car because i was afraid i would leave it somewhere. and i would always reach down and touch it within a couple minutes of driving away. even the kids noticed this strange habit.  very weird, since i have never lost my purse, i just throw it on the floor behind my seat and i never carry it around.

  4. Interesting thought about your purse - good idea!