Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bit of Catch Up

This post will have a lot of pictures.  We've been so busy the last two weeks, we barely have time to sleep!  And we are exhausted from doing this and that!

We moved into our new house June 15th and spent two and half days pulling staples, tack strips, washing and finishing the hardwood floors.  (The landlady/landlords were kind enough to agree to keep the hardwood floors.  It saved them a $3,000 expense to re-carpet the entire house)  Murphy's Oil Soap and Orange Glo for Hardwood Floors are what we used and we think the floors look GREAT!

(The bedroom is after-hallway is before)


Our furnishings arrived June 20th and we've been busily unpacking and organizing every since that day.

We've taken a day here and there to do shopping or go for a drive. We've been to the county fair.  I bought some California drought resistant plants from a local homeowner who was thinning out his garden.  We parked the "TOY" at an auto show in Ramona, CA while we went and ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  We bought a patio set, area rugs, washer, dryer, and refrigerator off craigslist.  We started looking for a church home on Sunday and are having a good time with that.

(hydroponics display at the fair)

(on a drive at sunset through the mountains)

(the new pets that came with our house)

(our craigslist patio set)

(my craigslist plants)

We're enjoying our folksie neighbors who are a joy to get to know.  One neighbor has brought me fresh eggs, fresh oranges, grapefruit and loaned me a juicer.  One neighbor is sharing his Kumquats and requested a jar of homemade marmalade. . .I'll try making some later this week.

(making grapefruit juice)

My husband started his new job yesterday.  It looks as if his first week will be catching up on paperwork and having a range day.  He brought home his most recent G.V. (government vehicle) last night and will be able to use it for his commute to and from work.  (I don't have a picture of it yet)

The weather has been gorgeous!  It gets about 80 during the day and 60 at night, here at our place.  The cooler air starts moving in when the sun goes down.  We're eating dinner on the patio and I have my morning coffee out there as well.

Today is a down day.  I'm going over to a dear friends house to soak up some sun, swim in a pool and relax in a hottub!

(some final pictures of a bit of decorating progress.)

(my, new to me, area rug. . .from craigslist)

(another new to me, area rug for #2 son's room-from craigslist!)

Well . . .that's about it from here, for now.

Have a great week dear friends!!


  1. So glad to see you settling in and enjoying your new California surroundings!

  2. glad that you are settling in.  what a big job the floors must have been!  but they look great.  good to see you back--karen

  3. The house is beautiful!  So happy to hear things are going well!  :D

  4. It looks very nice, love the floors!  Enjoy that weather!!Also, we're looking into September for a family camping trip in Oregon.  Our dates of availability are either the weekend of the 15th or the weekend of the 29th but everyone will need to know asap so we can ask for the time off.  What do you think?

  5. LOVE the floors.  So glad they decided to let you keep the hardwood.  Looks like you are making great progress.  Moving is a big job, but looks like things are coming together beautifully.   The rugs are gorgous - glad you found them!

  6. Oh, how awesome that your move has gone so well! The floors are beautiful! That's what we would've done, too!  It's amazing what you can find on craig'slist; we're gearing up for putting several things on there to sell and are hoping for good response. You all look happy! It seems you have the perfect neighbors, as well! What a blessing!

  7. Love the photo's, it's almost like being there with you.  Hope I will be able to see it soon enough.  Have you got email and phone numbers yet, I have not checked my email, perhaps they are there already.  I love you Momeeee

  8. Glad things are going so well.  The place looks great, especially the floors.  You guys did a fantastic job!  A BIG one but it definitely looks worth the effort you put in.  Looks like you hit the jackpot with your craigslist finds 

  9. Looks like all is going well......looks like home already!

  10. Thank you for sharing! Glad you are getting settled. What exciting days, though exhausting! It's always "fun" to get to do new stuff every now and then! We are having a remodeling job done in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait! Love ya!!!

  11. I enjoyed your pics so much! How exciting! Moving is such hard work! I think the floors look great, and so much better than carpet! Keep us posted!

  12. New msg for you, please check your texts on your phone.  xoxoxoxo  Mom

  13. It's so fun to see your new home coming together and to watch my kids put their new home together too.  Their stuff arrived last Wednesday and there's been shopping and trips and such to enjoy too, before son reports to duty on 9th.  They were introduced to Georgia weather with Tropical storm Debbie dumping rain on them and then temperatures of 106-111F for the weekend.  I notice you wearing a jacket while at the fair!  Extreme changes, huh?

  14. What beautiful hardwood floors! Love your new home and the new area rugs are just gorgeous!