Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Post

My life in a photo post.

A Sunday drive after church to one of our favorite places.

Headboard installed on the guest bed for Aunt Cari and Uncle Doug.  No decorations up yet.

I need a few more pictures to put up in my room.

Trying to decide if I want a blue striped bedskirt or a brown stripe bedskirt.

Kitty Shadow is posing for pictures.

Tea Shelf is decorated.  Fireplace room finished being decorated.

Interesting Mushroom selling lady at the local Farmers Market.

Interesting Man at the Gun Show.

Company is here from Missouri.  We are enjoying San Diego sightseeing.

San Diego coastline.

Awaiting the recruit graduation this Friday, my oldest nephew graduates.

Waiting for our Buffalo Burgers from Miner's Diner, Julian, CA

Purchasing our Surf portion of our dinner last night.  Surf and Turf.

We bought Yellowfin Tuna,  Pacific Halibut, and Swordfish Kebobs.

San Diego coastline.

The End.



  1. Wonderful to see you discovering some of the joys of San Diego -- isn't it a great place to be!

  2. I'm FINALLY trying to catch up!!I'd go brown bedskirt then do your colors for you pillows, etc. Just my humble opinion.And I LOVE you tea cup shelf.Miss you

  3. Love your post!  BTW ~ I'd go with the blue bedskirt.  I like the way it ties the spread colors together.