Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Thursday!!

(playing offering for church last Sunday)

Outside my window...  It's beautiful.  In the 80's for temperatures.  Clouds in the morning and sunny during the day.  I had someone tell me today it was too hot here.  That's okay.  I love it.

I am thinking...  I'm always thinking.  Thinking about stuff to do.  About summer.  About family time.

I am thankful...  I am grateful to the Lord for providing for the needs of my family.  I am thankful for my church and my friends.  Thankful for my health.  Thankful for my house.  Thankful for my family.

In the kitchen...  Lots of zucchini and lettuce from the garden lately.  On Sunday, we took 35 POUNDS of zucchini to church.  I felt really bad about taking that much and dumping it on our friends.  I included recipes for several dishes incorporating zucchini.  By the end of the evening service, all the zucchini was gone!
 zucchini and green beans
We've got leftover spaghetti for dinner tonight.  I've got lots of salads on the menu.  It gets to be this time of year and I crave some good grilling food too.  Steaks, hamburgers, marinated chicken thighs. YUM!

I am wearing... I've got on green shorts and a blue tee shirt.  My feet are bare.  My hair is pulled back out of my face.

I am creating...  My little student has his last piano recital tomorrow.  Piano lessons will continue through summer break but no more recitals until fall.  Today we made candy bouquets for achievement prizes for the piano students.  I also managed to haul to loads of mulch in my truck and spread them last Monday.  Then my truck broke.  The power steering went out.  But we've got a part on order and it should be repaired shortly. 
 candy bouquets
I'm wanting to get started sewing the crib set for my granddaughter.  I was wanting reliable transportation before I go look at fabric. 

I am going...  We're down to using the Toyota as a main vehicle and it's not running properly.  Because of that, I've been sticking close to home, unless one of my friends wants to come and get me.  It's not so bad.  I LOVE being home.

I am praying...  Praying for my friend Tonya's husband Paul.  He is Army Reserve and currently deployed in Afghanistan.  The base he is on, Bagram AFB has been hit pretty hard recently by the Taliban and four soldiers were killed day before yesterday.  Praying for Paul's safety.
Praying also for our little friend Anna.  She got to return 'home.'  Everyone in the family is excited to have her back.  I'm praying for being cancer free and for a speedy recovery aided by the love of her 11 siblings!
Praying for my grandbaby and her parents.  Praying for far away family.  Praying for the Lord's blessing on our little family.

I am reading/watching...
I am reading By Reason Of Insanity by Randy Singer.  He is an interesting author.  His writing style is similar to John Grisham.  He characters usally have some kind of Christian background and/or testimoney.  He writes clean.
We're watching Emergency and a few other things.  Love that Netflix!  I also found several made for t.v. movies about Emergency on Youtube.

I am looking forward to...  My girlfriend Tonya and I are planning a childless girl date next week.  A bit of window shopping, fabric purchases, lunch and maybe an iced coffee.  It will be fun!

From the learning rooms...  It's officially summer break.  My student took his achievement test last Friday.  He passed with flying colors.  His overall grade average was 5.6 (fifth grade - six month)  His highest two scores were Language/Spelling at 6.8 (sixth grade - eighth month) and Reading Comprehension at 6.0.  His lowest score was Mathematics Concepts and Problems  at 5.1 (fifth grade- 1st month).  He just finished 3rd grade!  I'm pretty proud.  I am very pleased with the curriculum we use, Landmark Freedom Baptist

Around the house...  We're smelling a smell coming through the vents around the foundation and floors of the house.  It's like a gray water, weird smell.  So my husband called one of the landlords to alert them.  Now he's suited up in coveralls headed under the house for them to see what he can see.  (IF) a landlord comes over. . . I will feel the need to be OCD and clean house, dust, vacuum, wash windows, polish floors. . .  Ahhrrrggghh!!  
But actually my house is pretty clean.  We had a young, missionary to Australia stay with us the last 2 days.  

I've got more company coming over 4th of July when a friends daughter, Kelly,  arrives to visit her boyfriend. 

A favorite for today...  I pinned this on Pinterest recently.  It is sooo me!

A peek into my week... Tonya, the girls, my student and I traveled to the fair this week.  We had a great time!  The food was greasy but filling.  The company, spectacular.  It was great fun to do all the people watching!

 sammy and sully posing

 Tonya and Catherine
 face painting
 giant, fast slides
 Ferris wheel rides
 top of the ferris wheel looking down.  you can see all the crowds entering at the center of the picture.
 funny posing!

That's all dear friends.  Have a great weekend!

Thank you again Simple Woman for giving me inspiration when I can't find any on my own!


  1. The beans look delicious!! Why can't I find you on Pinterest? And good job Sully on doing such a great job with school. That's the same curriculum we use.

  2. Love the pictures. Isn't it great having fresh food out of the garden to eat? No garden for us this the midst of building a new house and moving from this would go neglected in either place I'm afraid. Besides my husband is the carpenter....and he is also the main gardener. Need I say more???? Hope you are having a wonderful week....and that your vehicle problems are over.

  3. so wonderful! im sure your church friends were blessed. I cant wait to have a garden.