Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello Tuesday!

Outside my window...  It's been hot.  Most days it seems to be an average of about 90 degrees.  But it is gorgeous.

I am thinking... 
I've been thinking about finishing my garden work.  We got about half of the mulching done before I broke the power steering in our truck.  The truck was broke down about 3 weeks in June.  It's repaired now.  We've got some of the garden dying back because of the heat.  I planted pumpkin and spaghetti squash on Saturday.  The spaghetti squash has already sprouted.  In September we'll be able to plant round II of the garden.  Southern California has an all year long growing season.  We'll tweak some in the boxes.  We've decided three rows of zucchini about  9 plants, is way too much.  I will be adding kale and maybe collards.  One of the three boxes will just have tomatoes and flowers.

 I am thankful...  I am continually thankful for the provision of the Lord for our family.  He continues to bless us abundantly over and above what we could ask or think.

In the kitchen... 
For breakfast, peaches from the neighbors garden with cream. YUM!!

 From the kitchen we'll probably have some grilled chicken, sweet potato, green beans and fresh garden tomatoes tonight.

I am wearing...
I've been wearing cooler clothes recently.  I've got a swirly light fabric skirt on and a purple tank top.

I am creating... 
I recently became a Pinterest followerI was reluctant to join knowing it would EAT a lot of my time.  There are some interesting things there.  It is an easy way to catalog things that catch my interest while blog surfing.  

Anyway. . .  I actually PIN and DOHere are some of the things I've pinned and done recently . . .
 Double Knot messy Up-do~ hers and mine)
(toilet paper fire starters using dryer lint)

(Oreo Bomb Dessert)

(chocolate zucchini bread)

I am going... 
No plans to go anywhere this week.  that plan may change.  I'm flexible like that. 

 We did take a trip after my manly man repaired the power steering in the Monster Truck.  We went to Disneyland!!  It was a first visit for myself and my student.  My manly man went about 25 years ago. We were able to meet my cousin Bruce and his gang there.  Bruce was down from the San Fransisco area for vacation with his two children and one extra.

(from left to right- Sully, Alex and cousin Ethan)

(My cousin Bruce and his daughter Becky)

I am praying... 
Praying for the folks at my church.  Praying for far away family and friends.

I am reading/watching... 
Reading an old compilation of mystery stories.  

Many famous authors such as; Ellery Queen,  Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner.

We've been watching many things to try and keep cool in the shade of the house.  We're done with school for a few more weeks so we're having fun.

Around the house... 
The house is clean.  The house is put together.  I need to do laundry.  I also need to pull the refrigerator out and clean the floor underneath.

I finished purchasing the fabric for my granddaughters crib set.  I'll be sewing on it in the cool of the mornings.
(the fabric on the far left will be bumper pads and crib sheet.  The purple fabric with white dots on the right will be dust ruffle and crib sheet.  The mainly white fabric will be crib sheet, quilt and pillow.  The rest of the fabrics will be used in a quilt, the squares will be about 4 or 5 inches square)

(similar to this quilt)
A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...  I love a good bubble bath.  It is usually my kitty who joins me however.

Some shots of me I found on facebook...

Have a great week dear friends!

Thank You Simple Woman for this inspiration.


  1. I wish i lived close to you! Id love to hang out. you could teach me a thing or two. :)

  2. Beautiful garden and sewing skills.

  3. Love your garden. Our new garden, out at our "home to be" currently is growing zinnias, marigolds and coreopsis for my daughter's September wedding. We are in a drought right now so we are watering it every day from our pond. If it grows, it grows. If not...we will rely on the kindness of strangers and what we can find out in the woods to decorate. Going to be a very low key type of wedding...outside, under the lone oak tree, with the beautiful western sky as a backdrop.

  4. I enjoyed your post with all the pictures.