Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's Going On Around Here?

Outside my window...  It is hot.  It's been fairly nice off and on all month.  I think we are finally getting our HOT summer waether, just in time for August.  So far today it is 93 degrees.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 99 degrees.
I am thinking...  I am thinking about getting some things done.  I've got a King size quilt to cut and sew.  I want to re-do my picture wall.  I also want to re-do some of the photo albums.
I am thankful...I am thankful for my 25th wedding anniversary present!  We're going on another cruise. We're going on a 15 day Panama Canal Cruise and taking Sully with us this time.  We made the final payment today and found out that Sully is FREE.  Check it out!
In the kitchen...  I've got spaghetti sauce cooking in the crock pot.  I'll make some noodles and garlic bread to go with the sauce. 
I am wearing...  I just painted my nails a bright orange and added white flowers on my big toe.
I am creating...  There are many things going on right now in the creating department.  Tonight is our first night of Vacation Bible School.  We're planning on going for a total of 5 days.  I am doing crafts with the children.  
 my friend Laura and I making disguises for VBS

The garden is doing well.  I think the Okra is almost finished.  Most of the cucumbers have died back.  We have Lots and LOTS of carrots.  I am not happy with the tomatoes this year.  I think my dirt is missing something key, but I am not sure what that may be.  I'm going to try chicken fertilizer when I plant again in the fall.
A LARGE Zucchini and a Black Diamond Watermelon.

There is the big patchwork quilt also.  I've got most of the fabric and have a pattern in mind.  I just have to sew.

I've got company coming from the first two weeks in August.  A young lady is going to be married.  I am going to make her bouquet.  It will be a fresh floral bouquet, my first.  I am also going to help decorate as well.  It is a small outdoor wedding in a park.  It should be very interesting, especially if the heat continues.

I am going...  I think I am going to try to do something fun next week in celebration of living through 5 days of Vacation Bible School.  Not sure what I want to do yet.
I am praying...  Praying for the Lord's will in our lives.  It's the 2 year mark at my husbands work.  In the past, that has been the time to think about where to go next.  We're wanting to stay in San Diego as long as we can.  We're praying about another re-tour here and then retirement.  So maybe we could be here six more years?  Praying for far away family. . .praying that those who know Christ will grow closer to him, be good witnesses and that the ones who don't know HIM, will.

And since we're throwing out hopes and dreams for the future, I found a great retirement property for us.  I am sure it wont be around in 6 years but a gal can always dream right? 
I am reading...  I am reading Diane Mott Davidson right now.  She writes catering mysteries and includes recipes at the end of the book.
I am looking forward to...  I always love a good camping trip.  When my life is extra busy at planning, such as this big VBS, I dream about the quieter life of camping in nature-unplugged.  Not really sure what in particular I am looking forward to though.
(The camper rebuild project is almost done.  He's got a bit of cedar to put under the seats and lights to install.)
From the learning rooms...  We are taking a break from studies at the moment.  My student has been practicing piano and doing lessons.  His next Piano Recital is "Movie Themes"  He has chosen SKYFALL.
Around the house...  My house is in need of a good vacuum job.  I managed to squeeze in putting some aluminum foil over the windows in the bedrooms today.  We have a new window unit air conditioner.  The old one bit the dust three weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon.  We shall see if having a new unit is any more affordable to run than the old unit.  When the company comes in August I am thinking of borrowing another portable air conditioning unit and running it in my bedroom with a giant fan propelling the cooler air down the hallway to the the other bedrooms.
A favorite quote for today...
One of my favorite things... One thing I've been liking and craving on a really hot day . . .

A few plans for the rest of the week: VBS=Tired=REST
thank you Simple Woman for helping me find inspiration on these dog days of summer!

Have a great day!

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