Friday, December 10, 2010

~~It's Friday!!~~

It's Friday!

Outside My Window~  BBbbrrr. . . it's very cold outside.

Around The House~  Trying to get so much done in my home office this week.  Everything else has slid to the back burner.  I did have a goal yesterday-got that done so I cleaned and vacuumed yesterday.  Even made a hot dinner!

(Sitting in a bit of sun on a cold day.)
I Am Thinking~   I don't make new year resolutions but do try to set goals for myself.  I haven't reached some of the goals in the recent years.  Busi-ness has crept in.  I am thinking about some of the goals I'd like to have for the new year.

I Am Praying~  Praying for my college student and his final exams this next week.  Praying that he will recieve a passing grade for all of his classes!  Praying for far away family.  Praying that during the holiday we will grow closer as a family and have some great memories stored away for later.

From The Leaning Room~  I am sooo bad. . . no school this week.  I think we did school on Monday and Tuesday.  I have given my student the rest of the week off so I could get my office projects done.

  I Am Wearing~   Warm clothes.  I have my winter tights on under my jeans, knee high socks, long sleeve tee and a sweater vest.  My husband took me on a date this week to Coldwater Creek to pick out a Christmas outfit for me.  This is what he picked~

River fit bootcut jeans - [K04787]

I'll be wearing the jacket with a skirt and my new boots for church on Sunday.  Isn't he sweet? 

I Am Creating~
Well in the creating department. . .lots of stuff.  I made a purple watch yesterday for a Christmas present for my oldest nephews girlfriend.

 I have a bunch of bachelor Davids papers here.  I've had them since June, BAD... I know.  I've bought David a plastic file box and some folders to keep his important papers organized.  I've also had my sewing machine out twice this week to do mending.  An arm pit on a jacket was ripped out and on another jacket, the pockets were coming loose.  I also hemmed the sleeves on a new fuzzy robe for me.  I like to buy the 2XX size.  They fall to the floor in length and are roomy enough I can wear pj's under them, then they are just a bit too long in the sleeves so I trim the sleeves and hem them.

From The Kitchen~  For Tonight: Swiss steak, scalloped potatoes, creamed corn, green salad, pumpkin bread.  For Saturday:  Bachelor Mickey is coming for dinner as David is going to a Christmas party.  I'm making a pork roast, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, dinner rolls, peaches and cottage cheese.  For Sunday:  Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo with cornbread, green salad.

I Am Enjoying~  David Nevue music.  I bought three c.d.s for myself for Christmas. 
 They are wonderful!!
I am Sharing~  Pictures of our evening with baby Anastasia last Saturday.  We all had fun keeping her entertained.

(Do you see how the dog is sitting?  He didn't want to miss out on the attention!)

(She loved it when #2 son son was talking to her.)

One Of My Favorite Things~  Cinnamon, candles, bubble bath, dark chocolate, coffee, hot soup!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week~  A regular weekend around the house.  I'll be in the kithen a while this afternoon.  I have a few more presents to wrap.  Christmas shopping is all done.  My Christmas letter is DONE!!  I'll probably veg out tonight with "The Mentalist" season 2 and a HUGE bowl of popcorn.

Have a great weekend dear friends!


  1. We love the mentalist......funny hubby falls asleep before it is half over  Don't you think setting your own hours for homeschool is part of the beauty of homeschool?

  2. Can you message me with your address? I'm sending out cards too!

  3. @oldfatgramma - Oh yes!!  I LOVE home school!  Anywhere anytime.  Each store we went to this morning asked me why he was 'out of school' today.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!