Thursday, December 30, 2010

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside My Window
~  SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!  About 18 inches greeted us upon our return from Missouri Tuesday Night.  It took my guys 1 1/2 hours to shovel out the driveway so we could park the van.  The new snow makes my yard look so clean and BRIGHT!  The dog is having a hard time navigating in the deep snow to use the facilities.

Around The House~  I am so glad that I clean the house before I take trips.  It is so nice coming home to a clean place knowing the only thing I face is doing laundry from the trip!  My house is a lot less chaotic than the one we left.  We had, at times, 14 people gathered around for festivities.  I am enjoying peace and quiet of my own home.

 I Am Thinking~   I am lifting poor bachelor Mickey in prayer today.  I had a bit of a sleepless night as the Lord continually brought him to mind last night and I would pray.  Still haven't heard any update on his condition.  We are going to try to find out more today.  Not sure if we'll be able to see him in ICU  because we all came home sick with colds.  I remain miffed that his 'guardian' didn't let us know about Mickey while we were gone.
I Am Praying~  Praying for lots of things as always.  For wisdom.  For my far away family.  For the desires of my heart.  For Mickey.  For David.  For #1 son as he prepares to make his own way.  Praying for the future of my little family.

From The Leaning Room~ School will resume in earnest on Monday.  Piano lesson will resume as well.  He has thoroughly enjoyed his two week break!

  I Am Wearing~  Denim skirt, brown tee, black and cream cardigan and long brown socks.  Thinking about a new year, new me for 2011.  I am seriously giving consideration to cutting my hair short and letting my natural color come through.  What do you think about that?  I came across a great inspirational web sight last night.  Going Gray Looking Great!

(Christmas morning.  I think I am complaining about having my picture taken before I've had enough coffee!)

I Am Creating~   Have a big to do list for the new year.  Including that photo album project.  I still want to write about Brotherly Love, Christ's First Love=the church.  I've hesitated doing my Brotherly Love one for fear I would offend or be too strong in my opinions.  But after this past week I think I need to get it off my chest.   I saw an idea for a swag that I really liked and would love to try to copy.

One Of my Favorite Things~  Food scented candles.  I received a coffee candle for Christmas with 3 coffee scents included.  I can't wait to burn it.  Enjoying all my new music.  I bought myself 3 David Nevue c.d.'s a Majesty Music Christmas c.d. and received a Christmas music c.d for Christmas.  It is so peaceful to listen to piano music.  I can't wait for heavenly music.

From The Kitchen~  Frozen soup going in the crock pots.  I think I have Spicy Black Bean and Hot and Sour soup.  I will serve that with cold cuts for making sandwiches.  My menu in the coming weeks will feature a  lot of #1 son's favorites.

I Am Enjoying~  The quiet of my home.

I am Sharing
~  Not too much to share this week.  Just lots of boring pictures of our Christmas time.

(Uncle Doug got a head scratch-er for Christmas.  It was really weird feeling.  It sent chills down your back in a nice way!)

(Maggie wearing a pretty apron for future domestic duties!)

Have a great weekend dear Friends!


  1. First, you know how I love these Thurs. posts.  I definitely think you should write about brotherly love without worrying about coming off too strong or offending anyone!!!  Jon Christian got one of the headscratchers a couple of years ago.    Love the apron and will continue to pray for Mickey.

  2. Awww, the happy couple! They're so cute together!   That swag is absolutely stunning! I love it. Just beautiful!We're doing soups, as well. We got a short warm spell, but the cold weather is back. Nothing warms you up like a good bowl of soup. That dog looks like he's anxious to rip into that box with his teeth. lol Beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

  3. those head scratchers are funny things,  they do really give some sensations.My hubby is 90% gray.  I just have a few gray but have been coloring for years.  I thought about just letting it go but hubby does not want me to.  Don't know why it is OK for him to be gray and not me,  but whatever.  I'll just keep coloring for now.  that is a lot of snow you came home to!

  4. It was really good to hear that you are all home safe and sound and that Christmas was really Christmas for you and yours.  Likewise for us.  I had 2 Christmases really one at your sisters and one at your brothers Christmas Day. The little girls and I made cookies and Candy the thursday before, they wore me out, but it was a memory making time for us and I was at Jo's house, much bigger kitchen it was wonderful.  I now have Miss Maggies email address, so I can correspond with her more, she is just so sweet. I have a huge box to send you, I was waiting to hear you were at home tho. Mike is still sick, been two weeks now of upper respiratory infection and sinus infection to.  He saw his doctor yesterday and was properly medicated.  Mr. Lowell our musical missionary lost his daughter Angela while I was in Washington. I am thankful that God took her home to him, as she has been ill for years with chronic things, and she suffered greatly.  Am praying for you with all my love.  Momeee

  5. PTL for a wonderful family trip! And to come home to snow waiting for ya!

  6. Get it off your chest, Girly! Write about Brotherly Love; teh Lord will give you the tone that you need to set with the words. Aaaand, you don't look old enough to have grey hair! So, maybe you should go for a weave where you can let some of the grey show but have some golden brown in there. Also, I'm praying fro Mickey. Poor guy. It's so sad when things like that happen to people. Enjoy your New Year weekend and don't slip on the ice! Hugs from my snowy place in AZ!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about Mickey! I hope they don't make a decision too soon. Such a hard road!I think you'd look pretty with grey hair or any color hair!