Thursday, December 2, 2010

~~It's Thursday!!~~


Outside My Window~  After temperatures near 60 degrees, it cooled off during the night.  We've had some good rain the last two days.  Today it's only supposed to be around 42 degrees today.

Around The House~  Around my house it's so cozy.  I have a Vanilla Frosting candle burning and peaceful Christmas music going.
((forced cuddle time))

I Am Thinking~  I am thinking how it's Thursday already.  And it's two days into December already.  Amazing how time is going by so quickly.  For that I am thankful.

I Am Praying~  It's finals week starting soon at college.  Dear #1 son isn't doing so hot in his math class.  He needs to pass or it will mess up his basic training date.  Pray that he will keep some clarity of mind and achieve a passing grade.  Praying always for wisdom.  Praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying for my husband.

From The Leaning Room~  I' m lightening the course load a bit for the coming weeks and just doing regular days instead of double days.  I am going to a bit more crafting with my artist the next few weeks as well.  We'll probably stop for Christmas break December 17th.  I am posting a paper he completed a few weeks ago.  I am amazed at his thoughtfulness.  ((click on the picture to make it larger.))

I Am Wearing~  I am wearing a brown denim skirt, brown 3/4 sleeve tee and a purple scarf.

I Am Creating~  It's is a bad thing to purchase new office equipment with deadlines looming.  Our new computers came with a new version of Microsoft Word that I am learning as I try to type my Christmas newsletter.  I messed up my work three times yesterday, couldn't figure out how to recover it and had to start over.  But the good news is, it's a half finished project.  The pictures are on order.  My address labels should be here soon.  Christmas shopping is almost done for 14 people plus Banjo and Shadow the cat.

From The Kitchen~  Casseroles.  Last night we had that Bisquick Cheeseburger Pie.  Tonight I am using the rest of the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes for a Shepherds Pie.  I bought buns the other day, and may deviate from my menu for the weekend.  Hamburgers and fries and hot dogs with macaroni and cheese.

I Am Enjoying~  We brought home a Dick and Jane reading book from the library this week.  #2 son sat on his bed and read the whole thing aloud to himself.!!  I am so proud!  We also found a couple movies and a informative DVD on the skeleton (he loves bones, I think because they are creepy.)  I let him take the little movie player on his bed and watching the movie Underdog by himself.

One Of My Favorite Things~  Christmas Lights outside on houses.  We've been seeing lights up for several weeks now.  I may take a drive around the neighborhoods this weekend and see what's going on.

I Am Sharing~  I want to have a Christmas giveaway!!  I have a couple special things I am throwing together.  I'll box them up and send them to you in time for Christmas.  I'll do a separate post today about my giveaway. 

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week~  The Bachelors are coming over for dinner tomorrow.  We'll feed them and then my husband will shave Mickey and get him sorta spiffy for Sunday church.  On Saturday,  baby Anastasia will be coming over to play with me while her parents attend a Christmas party.  We'll visit another new church on Sunday and I think we're going on a drive down the New Jersey coastline.  Maybe I'll get to go out to eat on Sunday after church.

Have a great weekend dear friends!


  1. The picture of forced cuddle time is great. With two six-year-olds and two cats that happens a lot around here!

  2. Dick and Jane Readers were in my grade school days. O happy Days.Praying for you as ever. I love you.

  3. I do so enjoy the Thurs. posts......I know, I say that every Thurs and you are no doubt sick of hearing it.    We found some Dick and Jane I can read books for Matthew.  Enjoy your weekend also and that baby.....she is precious.

  4. oh to be a cat! LOL! son #2 looks very contented watching his bones movie! LOL