Thursday, July 7, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

Not my usual weekly post.  We're still in Tennessee on vacation.  I got to meet my xanga friend April yesterday.  I must say, it was like we were separated years ago, met again, and picked right up where we left off.  I love her dearly.  We had soooo much fun.  We've seen long lost family and been FISHING.  It is pretty here in Tennessee.  It reminds me of Oregon.  We're heading home to New Jersey Saturday.  Pray for our safe travel.

My great nephew Logan.  I don't think I am old enough to be a 'great' aunt.

Cousin Chris teaching my son how to play poker.  They are ready for Vegas!

My great niece Evelyn napping on the couch.

My neice Lacey and her son, Logan.

That's one PROUD Great, great Grandmother!


Amish buggy and Amish wagon.

Pretty Tennessee.

Toyota disease . . .almost as bad as Airplane sickness.

Fish hatchery fish.  They were very big.


Happy grandma's!


  1. What great  pics of you all, the smiles were a blessing.  I could feel the joy all the way here in Oregon.  Glad to know your visit is going well and you are all feeling the love of family.  We are so blessed aren't we.  I love you, God go with you on our drive home.  Love Momeeeee

  2. Looks like a great time!  You're looking good, hot momma.  I got to talk to your eldest son yesterday, YAY!  It's so cool that he gets to experience so much adventure.  Love you!

  3. Oh, how fun! It's great to get away and nice to get home. I hope you get back to NJ safely! Question: does your hair just naturally look that pretty all full-bodied and feathered back? I love it!  I'll be praying for your trip home, that it'll be good, with no bad storms!

  4. @Richgem - I curled it for church that day. (first picture)  Then I was running my fingers in it.  I told my mother in law today, that growing the color out, cutting it short. . .it's like I have someone elses' hair!  But after having #2 son 8 years ago it has gone a bit curly.  It will be fun to see how it grows out again.  

  5. @onehappymomma - Is that a white streak I see on the temple there? 

  6. looks beautiful and looks you are having a great time! I will be praying for safe trip!

  7. @betheelou - Nope, no white streak.  This picture is a couple years old, I think it was just a highlight.  I don't have streaks yet.  Just peppered grays that I swiftly cover.  : )  Nice try though.