Thursday, August 25, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside My Window~  HURRICANE IRENE!!  She'll be here Saturday night.  We're having a good thunder storm right now and they are expecting 2 inches of rain with today's storm.  For the hurricane, they are telling us to get prepared for a week without power.  Officials are trying to ready this area for a large storm.  They are just not used to storms of this magnitude.  Whereas, when we lived in Oregon and Alaska, high winds and rain were a part of everyday life!  I went out this morning and got a bit of water for drinking.  We'll fill the bathtub Saturday.  I'll probably get bachelor David tomorrow afternoon so he can get some storm supplies as well. 

(My water and groceries from my shopping trip this morning)

I am Thinking~  Thinking about what the Lord has in store for us.  Getting excited to see what he does.

I am Thankful~  I am thankful that the Lord provides our needs over and above what we can ask or think.

From the Learning Room~  I may place an order for my students books today.  Piano lessons are all arranged.  We will startSeptember 12th.  We will have a new teacher this year and new time slot.  Lindsay is the teacher and our time is 3:00 p.m. every Monday.   I'll be sure to post pictures of her.

From the Kitchen~  I need to stock up on pantry supplies and stock up for my freezer.  The cupboard is a bit bare, especially meats.  Tonight~ pasta with alfredo sauce, garlic bread and green salad.

Around the House~  May I admit something disgusting?  Banjo (Our dog) got into a nest of ticks while we were camping.  We didn't notice them until Tuesday morning. (We were home Sunday afternoon.)  He has been bathed with an oatmeal bath and dosed with his flea and tick medicine.  But the ticks,  have kicked in my O.C.D cleaning.  We pulled up all the rugs and power washed them.  Banjo's bedding has been washed.  The floors are getting swept daily.  The rugs beside my bed are and shaken daily.
(This a picture I pulled from the internet.  It shows different sizes of ticks- on the right are a pair of forceps, on the lef,t the sharp point of a needle.  You can see how small they are!)

(This what I brushed off Banjo yesterday at lunch time.  To give you an idea of size, these ticks reminded me of poppy seeds.)
tiny Seed Ticks

I am totally grossed out.  On Tuesday, when we found the ticks, I was almost dry heaving.  YUK, YUK, YUK!

Shadow the cat hasn't been free from my O.C.D cleaning either.  She got dosed with flea and tick medicine. (She hates it too.  She acts like she is a stoned zombie for several days after she receives the medicine.)  Her bed was washed, but didn't survive.  It came apart in the washer.  It was an old pillow I made when I was about 12, so it's been around for LONG time.  Today she got a new kitty bed.
(old kitty bed in the trash)

(new kitty bed = HAPPY KITTY)

If you live in a population of heavy flea and tick infestation and you use a product like FRONTLINE or something similar, you can re-apply before the 30 day limit is up!!

(rugs draped over the dining room table and chairs drying out)

(A casualty~  The rug ripped when my big,strong, manly, man grabbed it to throw it over the fence.  I bought some rug tape today to try to patch it up.  It's an old rug, about 12-13 years old, and I am the second owner. Maybe at our next place, I'll get to have NEW rug.!)

(AFTER the repair job!)

(without the colorful rug, it looks bare!)

I am Wearing~ Casual and carefree today.  No make-up, hair not fixed.  I am dressed though, I am thankful for that!  Tan shorts and light blue tee shirt.  I need to paint my nails and push back my cuticles this weekend.

I am Creating~  Not a thing.  Again.  Got lots of ideas though.  I want to cut and paste decorating pictures in my idea book.  Photo albums?  More beaded watches?

I am Hearing~  I am hearing the sounds of rain and distant thunder.  Cartoons are on the television downstairs.  My dog having puppy dreams on the rug beside me.  A few birds are chirping through the rain.

I am Reading/Watching~  We are still watching Pie in the Sky and Road to Avonlea.  Road to Avonlea is almost complete.  We are occasionally watching Emily of New Moon when Daddy can watch it with us.  A new book in the reading department tonight.  Haven't read anything in quite some time that is worth recommending.

One of my favorite Things~  Reese's Hard Shell Ice Cream topping.  I've been eating vanilla ice cream topped with a drizzle of caramel and this heavenly stuff.  I love those hard shell ice cream toppings, but this one is my FAVORITE!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Bachelor David tomorrow.  We're going to Chris, Sharon and baby Anastasia's Saturday afternoon for dinner.  Hurricane Irene watch Sunday.  No other plans than those.

Something to share~  My plans for this afternoon. . . .

(the Gooseberry Patch Christmas 2011 magazine is here!)

Have a GREAT weekend dear friends!


  1. Gooseberry Patch!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Sorry about your rug.  I bet the tape will hide the tear.  :)  Sounds like a delightful Thursday! 

  2. oh this is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!Those ticks are what we call SEED ticks here. Jimmy got in a patch a few days ago. Well, he must have snook some to bed with him, cause now I have bites all over me!! Yesterday I tore my bed APART!!!! I have had the itches like you wouldn't believe!!! One thing I have found to help me is to soak in a hot tub of epsom salt. I use a whole carton which is about 2 cups. Plus its good for the muscles. I love EVERY ONE of those magazines!!! Been looking at holiday stuff today.What we'd give for rain. We are breaking records for being dry. Yall take care of yourselves!!

  3. I'm on the west coast but have been watching the news on the hurricane headed your way. I have a friend who is visiting in Cape Cod and decided to head out tomorrow before the hurricane hits. Stay safe. I hope there will not be any damage. 

  4. Love the Thursday posts!  Like hearing what you are up too.  Sorry about the ticks.  Ali has been itching like crazy the past few days but she has also been rolling all over the yard!  Did I mention how much I like your hair?

  5. I will be praying for you guys as you endure Irene!Oh how I would LOVE to sit and read that Gooseberry patch book! I have so many of their cookbooks...and not just for the recipes. =)

  6. i'm suddenly itchy after seeing those tick pictures!!! :ogrowing up w/ horses/ animals i'm all too familiar w/ them and have picked one off me many times~i so understand you're being grossed out. yikes! that's alot of ticks, girl!!! sure hope you can get rid of them for good.and BE SAFE this weekend!!

  7. Hurricane season, don't ya love it?? Stay safe from Irene. Praying for y'all. I had to laugh when I read the hurricane names this year for L amd M. L is Lee, and M is Maria...Those ne right after the other are Lee Maria, my name is Leah Marie lol! Dad was like oh great...Oh we had fleas in our house from our cat one time. TERRIBLE! I love your cat! Soooo cute..Have a great day!

  8. @betheelou - i bet! that's the positive side of it, eh? :)

  9. Well stay safe my love, you all will be just fine I know. God has you safely in his hands.  I saw the wedding photo's today. I want a couple, not quite sure how to get copies of them yet. I will figure it out tho.  I sent you a text, wanting to know about the earthquake you all had.  I love you all and keep us posted on your adventures over the weekend. ok? Momeeee

  10. @sharolsplace - I'm out of service days on that phone.  Not sure when I'll have $ to buy service days.  Facebook or xanga are the best ways beside phone for checking in with me.  We did feel the earthquake.  No damage, just rattle of the tins on my wall and shaking of our desk.  It was fun.We're ready for the hurricane.  We'll stay cozied up here at home and wait and see how bad it actually will be.Thanks for the prayers.

  11. @betheelou - praise the Lord, I just knew you would be ok, but unsure about damages.  Thank you for letting us know.  I love you all Mom