Thursday, August 4, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

(enjoying a picnic and canoe ride with our friends. July 23?)

Outside my window~It's been hot.  Last evening it cooled down and gave us a good soaking rain.  We needed it.  My tomatoes are happy today.  They don't like faucet water.

I am thinking~  I am thinking that I am happy another day has passed.  Each day brings us closer to knowing where we'll be stationed next.

I am thankful~  I am thankful for all our friends and family.  Thankful for God's provision over and above anything that I could ask or think!

From the learning rooms~  I have been thinking about ordering my curriculem for the school year.  #2 son will be sooo unhappy to get back into that routine!  I am going to start school September 6th.  Piano will probably start September 12th.  Being tied to my desk will help me motivated with my studies as well.  I have read through the book of John and will finish reading the New Testament during my course of  "New Testament Survey."

From the kitchen~  Tuesday night was corn on the cob, grilled chicken sandwiches, chips.  Last night I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce which we had with whole wheat pasta, green salad and Italian bread.  I'll use the rest of sauce for some sort of pasta casserole to throw in the freezer.  Tonight is diner's choice . . .I'll be having cherry tomatoes from my garden and veggies with dip.  The guys can have either spaghetti, salad or a burger with fries.

I am wearing~  A bright fushia top and cream colored shorts.  I've permed my hair to help with the growing out.  I actually permend it two weeks ago.  The top didn't take well.  I re-did the top Tuesday and it's much better.  It took very well.  I was surprised.  I thought it would be pretty resistant.  I've not played with it very much yet.  I may curl and style it tomorrow.

I've also been asked to fix the brides hair for her wedding.  I found some unique hair pins today.   . . . Goody's "spin pins"  See video here about these neat pins.

I am creating~  Still thinking about all my creativity projects.  Photo albums, bible covers, camper curtains.

Upcoming events~  I am not sure if I told everyone. . .the children decided to get married August 11th!  Yes, we've known for about a week that it's been a 'for sure' thing.  My son Aaron was able to take leave so they started planning!  It looks like it will be a small wedding with a few family and friends present.  Maggie has chosen to have the ceremony in her sisters back yard and be married by her sisters Pastor.  I am pretty excited.  It is a big step for them both and I am happy that they are happy!  They will be honeymooning in the mountains of Tennessee near Grandma and Grandpa's place.

(I've got my mother of the groom dress.  #2 son has a light lavender shirt, black pants and a black tie with a purple stripe.  I found some ugly shoes for myself today.  At least they will match the dress and not cripple me for fashions sake!)

(My handsome, manly, man has been talked into wearing this outfit.  I can't wait!  He looks spectacular in this uniform!)

I am reading/watching~  Still watching the British series, Pie in the Sky and Emily of New Moon.  We're almost done with the Road to Avonlea series. 

I am thrilled at the fashions of 1911.  I love all the pretty lace blouses and long skirts.  Apparently, big hats were just starting to go out of fashion at that time.  So sad.  Interview: How to Find Anne Apparel

I am praying~  I am praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying for the upcoming nuptials.  Praying for the lives of the bride and groom.  Praying for all my blog friends, especially Jill and Linda who are on my mind today.

I am hearing~  The AC is running.  I have music playing in the background.  The tub was just running.  #2 son came in from the great outdoors and needed to wash off the mosquito repellent with a good bath!

Around the house~  We had a birthday party for baby Anastasia last Saturday so the house was very clean.  The yard was picked up and mowed.  I bought some ferns for my patio.  (I have wanted those ferns ALL summer!)  We had about 40 people over it was a fun time!

(baby Anastasia and I)

(showing off her presents from Aunt Beth. . .a new baby doll and hair barrettes!)

(those are the hams to go with my new ferns!)

#1 son's things have been gathered into his room for the movers to pack and take to him.  I brought all the things down from the attic today.  I also had a small list of things he wanted me to bring him right away. 

 "Hey Mom!  What's in that box?  Hey Mom, look!  One for you, one for me. . .one for me. . .one for you.  Which one is Aaron's?" (that's the conversation while we are pulling out things looking for stuff for #1 son.)

(making space on the bookshelf without brothers books there.)

One of my favorite things~  Spending time with my two guys(and fabulous dog), fishing, picnicking, and canoeing.

(a  lake we found on a drive last Sunday.  This one is called Mountaintop Lake.  We caught lots of little blue gill!)

(that's #2 son practicing his cast.  He caught one fish all by himself.!)

(A pretty moth on a new Toyota truck.  p.s. not our new truck. . .)

(Isn't that a pretty fire pit?  What fancy stonework too!)

(I drugged him to get him to pose with me for a photo!)

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Packing a suitcase for our trip to the Florida wedding.  Not too sure what else will go on this weekend.  Fishing?  Maybe!

Something to Share~  I was blessed to meet up with a dear friend from high school this past Saturday.  She came over for a visit.  It wasn't long enough!  We had not seen each other for over 23 years!

Beth and Elona 2011

Beth and Elona 1988!



  1. Rain, 1911 fashions, upcoming wedding, all so refreshing!I remember forcing myself to find the mother of the bride ensemble, only to not have to wear it bcs of the ice storm.  hahaha~ I was so dreading the attire, but we had so much fun at their last minute court house wedding. Who would have thought an ice storm could have been so much fun?

  2. Awsome Thursday post and great pics! So excited with you for your son's wedding coming up!  thank you for your prayers, I was like whoa! when I read my name! The Lord truly is working thru you, I have really been going thru some STUFF lately, but trusting the Lord to help me thru it.

  3. Great post!  You know how I love your "Thurs." posts.  Love, love, love the perm.  I have always wanted curly hair like that.  It looks great wet but as soon as it dries it bushes out and Will said I like the cowardly lion from Wizard of OZ!  Wedding is so exciting......take lots of pix!

  4. I love you all and sure will be thinking of you all on thursday.

  5. I love your hair!  :) Prayers for the upcoming wedding.  Our 15th Anniverary is 8/10.  I'll be thinking and praying for your son and daughter-in-law.  ;)

  6. Congratulations to your son and your future daughter-in-law on their upcoming wedding!

  7. Ooops that is suppose to say Hello sorry friend :).

  8. iello Beth,I absolutely loved this post a long with being seranaded what beautiful music. You always do such a great job, pictures and all. You mentioned the couple honeymooning in the hills of Tennessee, which hills? Is it in the Smokeys? We live on the Ga./Tn. line right at Chattanooga. I was born & raised in Tn. But have lived my whole married life in Ga. lol funny. You give me so much inspiration with all the things you do, I wish I had your strength & energy oh to be a bit younger now lol. I so appreciate all your prayers & I am glad we are friends here on Xanga...God has a way of bringing us together. May he bless you & your family on your next destination I hope it will be a place you love.Hugs...Linda

  9. @Mymanyblessings - Yes they will honeymoon near Tellico Plains, TN.  My in laws are in Etowah!  Isn't it a small world?  I was just down that way.  If I'd known you lived so close, I would have arranged to meet you!  I thought maybe you were in the pacific northwest.I can never post comments on your page...I always have to send them as messages!  Big changes in store for you all!  Praying!Hugs

  10. @victoriantomboy - Missing you too.  Wishing we lived closer.  There is so much we could do together and be great sister/friends! 

  11. Oh, wow, the wedding is SOON! Have fun, shoes you don't really like and all. I know it's hard to not be able to wear the shoes you REALLY want to wear. My feet are getting angrier and angrier! ) ;   BTW, you are blessed to have such a good head of hair!   I love the pic of you and your man where you say you drugged him, etc. CUTE!

  12. i think your perm looks great! i love the curls~ so soft and pretty. and i was JUST talking to my mom the other day about "anne." i was obsessed w/ those movies when i was a teenager - - even dyed my hair red once. ha!! {stupid} such good movies and i love the clothes from those time periods too~ i wish we still dressed more like that. minus the corsets!! ;)