Thursday, January 26, 2012

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside my window...  rain today and tomorrow.  Is it just me, or does this winter seem...strange?  One day warm, one day cold.  Snow, rain...

I am thinking...  I am always thinking about lots of things...

I am thankful...I am thankful for many things.  I am thankful today for the provisions God gives me.  He takes care of me and HE loves me.
From the learning rooms...  Relaxed school schedule with my niece here.  Music practice seems to get completed every day.  Reading is accomplished.

Yesterday was NO SCHOOL.  Did you know it was a holiday in our house?  #2 son turned 9 yesterday.  We spent our school day at the mall, in the Lego store and had a great cheeseburger for lunch.

Happy Birthday!

In the kitchen...  Tonight we are having salmon patties, garlic broccoli, mashed potato and chocolate brownies.

I am wearing... A new pair of jeans, long sleeved white tee.  I am thinking about perming my hair.  I need some volume on the top.  I'll post before and after pictures if I manage to get that done.

frizzy, flat, GRAY and pouffy hair. . .all at the same time...

She is modeling the boots Aunt Beth bought her on Tuesday.  Pretty snazzy!

I am creating...  I've been keeping up with my craigslist postings.  Not too many hits on the vehicles.  We have had MAJOR success in taking them to the army base about 50 miles away from here.  Our little truck sold in 2 days after we placed it there.  I'm finding not too many folks are interested in camp trailers in January.    But I get questions on it all the time.

I am going...  Today we are going to the gym to swim.  I haven't been for quite a while.  It will be nice to get that kind of exercise today.

I am reading/watching...  We are still watching the Crusoe series, WE LOVE IT! 
I am reading Laced a book by Carol Higgins Clark.  Both she and her mother, Mary Higgins Clark write very clean and decent.  And of course, they write mysteries.

I am praying...  Praying for my husband, who is going through some stressful times.  Praying that the Lord would move us sooner than the orders say... (the new boss in California asked when my husband could get there.)  Praying for the Lord to prepare the way for our move.  Praying for all my children.  For wisdom.  For guidance.  For peace.

Isaiah 26:3  
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
mind is stayed on thee:
 because he trusteth in thee.

Around the house...My house needs a good dusting and maybe a run with the vacuum.  But other than that, things look pretty good.

One of my favorite things...

Ice cold Coca-Cola in a GLASS bottle with a nice sandwich and a handful of chips.  YUMMY!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  We are going to pick up our NEW TO US truck on Saturday!  (We must really LOVE that dodge blue paint!)

We're dropping off the van at the resale lot on the army base on Saturday. 

 We may get to show the trailer if the interested party contacts us like he said he would.

My niece and I are going to hand sew the little tracts back on the pink camper curtains for Round II of camper curtain sewing.  I never did finish the ones I was sewing for it.  Its amazing that the old ones didn't get taken to the thrift store. . .they were headed there!

Something to share...  Washington D.C. in January.

our hotel room

the view from the street in front of our hotel. . .yes, that is snow!

bedtime cuddles

Smithsonian castle. . .lobby. . .bathroom break

flying lessons at 18 months old!

Walking about 4 miles in the cold at sunset.  UNFORGETABLE!  Bbbrrrr....

Washington Monument

The White House from a great distance.

The Capitol building.

Pretty scenery.

Pretty neice, Joy!

Chris and Sharon

The Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial


Have a great rest of the week dear friends!


  1. Ah, I'm glad to read up on you.  I was feeling in the dark.  Suppose I could always call.  That'd be simple wouldn't it?Washington DC looks neat...COLD...but really fun.How much longer is your niece with you?Happy birthday to your boy.  We all thought of him yesterday and could not believe he's 9!!  He seems a bit shorter than mine still but stocky.  Love that little boy!Sweet truck.  Sigh.  Just like mine.  Sigh.

  2. @onehappymomma - It's a POWER WAGON!!  sigh...  They are so sweet!! sigh... I can't wait to bring it home on Saturday.Joy will be here until February 14th.  We are having fun together.

  3. the pics look great girl! Yes, the weather HAS been CRAZY!!And now ya got me craving a coke in a glass bottle!!!!!!Missin you and Happy Happy Birthday to Sulley!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sulley!!! I enjoyed the DC pictures!

  5. Happy Birthday Sulley! You and Hannah Grace are both 9 now! I loved all your pics!

  6. Pictures are great.  Love the truck, I am so jealous.  I do so miss our truck.  But not having a car payment is stopping us for right now.    Hard to believe that Sulley is 9 he had a great day.  Joy is very pretty and the boots are terrific.  Nice job, Aunt Beth.  Having her until Feb. 14th, wow!