Thursday, January 5, 2012

~~It's Thursday!~~

Greeting from the fur-kids!

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window...  It's been very cold outside!  Yesterday, with the wind chills, it was 5 degrees when I got up in the morning.  That's too cold for me.  So of course, I was daydreaming about where I'll be NEXT winter. . .

I am thinking...  I am thinking about getting a list together f projects.  Oh, there are so many.  I need to get some goals established and get some stuff done.  Thinking about new decorations at my new home.

I am thinking about having too many vehicles. . .

. . .and these are so pretty

I am thankful...  I am thankful for answered prayer.  I feel so undeserving. . .especially when I KNOW, God has answered a specific prayer, or two, or three.  HE is so good to me!

From the Leaning Room . . .My student is hard at work.  We are a tad behind in our studies as this week will complete week 9.    Oh well. . .  And more days off in the next few weeks. 

In the kitchen...  Not sure what is coming out of there for dinner tonight.  I believe I have Salmon Patties and Mashed Potatoes on my menu.  I am going out with Bachelor David this afternoon and my dinner plans may change due to what ((and at what quantity)) of things I will consume for a late lunch!

I am wearing...

I caught the toe of my right foot on the front steps the other day while carrying in groceries.  It made me fall on my left knee.  It sure aches.  It feels like it should have a nice purple bruise in there somewhere.  But  its not showing much color.  It still aches.

This is one of my new cardigans.  I got it at Goodwill in Tennessee.  I straightened my hair today too.  I hate that in between length.  It feels frizzy and lacks a whole lot of style.  Gray hair is so. . .different . . .

I am creating...  Lists. . .
  • photo's
  • photo albums
  • camper curtains Round II
  • My Bachelor's degree studies to resume
  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Trip planning
  • House hunting
  • etc...
  • etc...
I am reading/watching...
I love my Clive Cussler books.  They are clean reading, adventure stories of characters a lot like James Bond.

We started a new DVD series that we are LOVING!!

Crusoe, based on the book, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

I think they only made one year of this show. . .too bad.

I am praying...  For the desires of my heart, Praying for the Lord to prepare the way for our move, praying for health and safety of family, both near and far!

Around the house...  Daid Nevue music softly playing.  Sweetly scented candles burning, space hater keeping our tootsies warm, pencil sounds from my student.  My Christmas decorations are still up.  I think I'll take them down next week.  I do enjoy the pretty lights! 

This is what I did, around the house, over the weekend. . .

"Welcome great, great, cousin Chantel!"

#2 son's 'new' room during the stay of our company.  He calls this room, Aaron's old room

One of my favorite things...  I made homemade cinnamon rolls for our breakfast/dessert on New Years Eve.  They were so good!

. . .the key is FROSTing. .. yumm!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
A trip to the city tomorrow afternoon with my handsome chauffeur

We're going to pick up Chantel at La Guardia airport.  On Saturday we'll spend the day sightseeing in the BIG city.  Saturday afternoon, we'll be enjoying this. . .

On Sunday we're going to go to Brunch, here.
Monday and Tuesday will be visits to the beach and antique stores.

Something to Share. . .I was browsing my sisters blog @onehappymomma ,  yesterday.  She has some very beautiful music on her play list. 
Steve Sui

She has also shared this young man playing a special at church.  I'm a proud Auntie.  Go and take a listen!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I love Clive Cussler books! The Dirk Pitt series is one of my favorites.

  2. wow! so much to comment on. not that you need me to *teehee* but just that i tend to need to talk about eveything that touches me.  and let's have food, kids, scripture, projects, the gray hair subject *you look great btw. but i am finding that yes. the gray ones are way different*, i love eli and her family, and what? a weekend in the big city?!!! awesome! happy thursday! and enjoy all the upcoming plans and fun.

  3.  I hope that picture of where you will be living is in Florida! ;) Maybe we could meet!

  4. I do love these Thursday posts.  Absolutely love the ideas you have with decorating.  My hair is at an in-between length and I can't stand it.  I refuse to cut it again until it all the same length.  I am not happy with the blonde I have on my hair but I think I would look worse with it gray.  I suppose I could do it the original color but I tried that just before we moved down here and I thought it looked so dark, and I did it back blonde.  But after 21 yr. of being blonde, it is getting to be too much.  I think when you are old, you look too washed out to be blonde, or at least I think I do.  Love that his new room is called the lego lab.........Matt would love that, he is definitely a lego kid!

  5. @betheelou - A little further than I hoped lol. Oh well! When my cousin was in the marines he lived in San Diego, he liked it :)

  6. @oldfatgramma - I LOVE all those quilts.  Can't decide what colors I like.  I've done yellow for the last 6 years.I'd like to add more teal in the living room.  I'm searching for new dishes and can't exactly decide on those either. 

  7. Loved your post.  I also love looking at things to decorate my home with..the quilt is so pretty.  What store is it from? The picture of you in your new to you sweater is beautiful.  Love your hair.  Have a blessed weekend.

  8. @betheelou - I think I would collect all my ideas and wait until I moved to CA to implement them.

  9. speaking of you moving...will you be visiting or near Florida before you move? I'm so jealous of you and Aprils visit! LOL A good kind of jealous, I would love for us to meet in person!

  10. Good Morning.  The multi-colored one with the bag by the bed :)

  11. wonderful post.... It made me want to play some David Nevue! :) Your cardigan and hair look wonderful!