Monday, September 24, 2012

Family Campout

(Eli, Beth, Mike, Mom, Ben. . .oh and Banjo too!)

On September 11th we traveled 970 miles north to Oregon to join my family at an annual camping outing. It had been MANY years since we had all been camping together.  We're older.  Family dynamics have changed.  It had been between 4 and 5 years since we'd all been together.

I love camping. 
I love to plan camping. 
I love to pack for camping.
 I love to cook for camping. 
I love camping!

(Hikers leading the way for those of us trailing behind!)

It was a treat to be around my family, both old and new members.  I love my family very much and so wish we lived closer to each other.  I loved seeing my mother happy to have her flock of children all present in one place.  It was a great pleasure and joy for us to finally meet a 'new' sister and her three girls.  It was a blessing to see my youngest brother so happy with his 'family!'  I loved being able to enjoy my brother in law and nephews.  I am so thankful to God for giving my sister a great family, to see them growing a serving the Lord as a family.  I am thankful for my oldest brother and pray for him daily as he struggles to find his niche in his middle aged life.

(a hike in the beautiful Oregon Mountains!)

(pine cone war)

(My Sully)

(a great swim hole with very cold water)

((camp counselors present. . .6))

(the men)

(the GRAND children)

(my happy brother Ben with Jo, Haylee,Hannah, Maddison and two camp counselors . . .plus Bailee, the girl in brown)

(the two roommates @sharolsplace and brother Mike)

( @onehappymomma (s)   family with one camp counselor)

(our little family and one camp counselor)

(all the gang)

We camped a bit on the way back and made a 4 day return trip to San Diego. 

My husband said it was bow hunting season for deer.  We saw many deer, antelope, coyotes and quail.  The deer were mainly in parks or yards where they knew they were protected.

We were able to drive back to San Diego using another route and saw part of the state of California that we'd never seen before.

I'm happy we are back on the west coast.  We realized how much there is to explore and enjoy.  We pray we'll get the time to do much more.

We bought a mattress for the back of the truck and slept in there.  #2 son slept in the cab of the truck with Banjo dog.  But #2 son better not grow too much taller or he will be too big for his sleeping space.  We still have our tents but my manly man is loathe to use that sleeping arrangement after he got spoiled with our previous camp trailer!

We can't wait for our next camping adventure!



  1. beautiful pictures.........thanks for sharing.

  2. so the bridge photo is yours! neat!you really did have alot of familywe also get our dogs in the photos. BaBushka on the head,too.

  3. Looks like so much fun.  Lovely pictures!

  4. LOVED your pictures!  I enjoyed camping through your eyes and pictures!  We haven't been in over a year.  Camper is still sitting in the camping lot on base.  So glad you are loving SD.