Monday, September 24, 2012

Update. . . bullet style

  • an update is long overdue
  • life has been busy
  • school started today
  • my husband started his first week of duty this past Friday
  • I'm glad we found a church. . .can't wait to get to know more people there
  • piano lessons start soon
  • We have a home school field trip planned for next week
  • I love my neighbors!
  • I LOVE my neighborhood
  • my life will change again soon as I start caring for my dear friend Tonya's children when she returns to work in November
  • my house is clean
  • I am resolved to blog more this fall
  • I will start MY schoolwork tomorrow
  • I wish it was a bit cooler so I can work in the yard
  • looking forward to starting the chicken project soon
  • looking forward to starting the garden project soon
  • still have a couple decorating projects to complete around the house
  • I've been looking up crock pot ideas and copying AND trying recipes
  • I'm praying for all my dear blog friends


  1. You've been busy!  Rejoicing over your blessings!  :)

  2. my sister has only one daughter and no sons and she kept a young boy after school and she said that he ate a lot and she should have told the mom that they either had to send snacks or pay more if they used hers. I laughed cause I had to two boys and remembered how they were after school.

  3. You said it all LOL! very cute bullet style update!