Friday, September 28, 2012

My Friday

What Betheelou was doing today!


  1. Hi Beth, I don't need to ask how you are doing as you look very happy to be holding that precious little one. Who is this little guy? I saw you stopped by my blog. I have not been blogging very much. Just to busy these days. We are doing great! I have been very health praise God. And thanks to Karen and her help. I do come to xanga sometimes and read some posts. Old friend are hard to part with.Gods' Blessing!Sharon       

  2. @SHARONS_PLACE - I miss you blogging regular.  I love seeing the news fro you in Idaho.  I'm happy to hear good reports on your family and your health!  Love you Sharon!That baby is my dear friends Tonya's newest blessing Katherine, 7 weeks old.  I've known Tonya since 1990 when she used to babysit for us when my #1 son was a baby!