Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Sunday!

Outside my window... 
Outside my window. . .it is blissfully cooler.  I awoke this morning to hear the pitter patter of rain.  It sprinkled gently all morning.  Our high temperature was 72 degrees.

I am thinking...
I am thinking to the weeks ahead.  I am thinking about project lists.  Thinking about stocking up on a few craft supplies.  I wonder. . .do you think I'd make any money selling those Christmas baskets I make?

I am thankful...
I am thankful to see the hand of God working in my life and of the lives of those around me.  I found out Friday evening that my neighbor knows our Pastor and his family.  It just tickles me to know the Lord placed us here.  It tickles me to see how He has his hand in the midst, stirring people and getting them to think about HIM. (My neighbors need to know about Salvation!)
In the kitchen...
I should have taken a picture of our lunch today.  I didn't.  It was really good.  I roasted a whole chicken and made mashed potatoes and gravy too!  We have apple tart and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I am wearing...
I am wearing black and white today.  I curled my bangs and put a bit of make-up on for church today.

I am creating...
My creating goal this week is to work in #2 son's room and work on his decorations.  I'll be sure to post photo's.I will also bake this week and put some desserts in the freezer.

I am reading/watching...
Between books right now.

Bionic Woman in the DVD player

I am praying...  Praying for the desires of my heart, praying for far away family, for safety, for wisdom, praying for my children, praying for my witness.

Acts 1:8   "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

 I am looking forward to... 
fire at the beach
 husband returning from training. . .
. . . the weekend!

From the learning rooms...
It was a good week.  He seemed to grasp subtraction with borrowing.  We finished school on Thursday and were able to go to Barnes and Noble on Friday for a coffee date with Daddy.

As a reward for diligence in school, my student was able to have his friend Tim over to play this afternoon.

(Drinking tea and playing lego's)

Friday night was his first piano recital of the year.  He amazes us!  He appeared so calm.  He invited 3 friends to go. . .and they came!

cool as a cucumber!)

(our friends from Left to right. . .Cammie, Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dave)

(Piano teacher extraordinaire, Shannon)


Around the house... I need to get the hose for the vacuum out and vacuum up all the dust bunnies in the corners.  There are a lot of them. everything else is fairly clean.  

A favorite quote for today...

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy in your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
Helen Keller

One of my favorite things...

(Tastes a lot like movie theater popcorn. . .the secret is the sauce!)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  School,  housecleaning, baking, decorating, visit with friends, fire on the beach, piano lesson.

A peek into the past week...

We enjoyed a busy week.  It was field trip week again.  We visited a pumpkin patch.  It was held on a dairy farm.  There was lots to see and do.  Our students had such a fun time.  The teachers enjoyed the company of one another while watching the children play.


(sliding down a pile of cotton seeds)

(the wagon ride)

(new Momma cow)

(baby calf)

(We played him out!)

My manly man has been slaving away around the property here.  Last weekend he prepared our back yard dirt for sod.  Yesterday he installed the sod.  It looks fantastic.  We're building a chicken house for the next project.

(the work crew)

(all done!)

Have a great week Dear Friends!


  1. The yard really is looking nice!  You've got a good man.Wish there was some video of the piano recital...I bet he did great!!

  2. @onehappymomma - In the heat of the moment, I pressed the wrong button.  Next recital, Christmastime, I'll video that one.

  3. I still love these kinda sneaking a peek inside your week.     Yard looks great.  Can't wait to see #2 son's room.   I am sure you would do well to sell your baskets and maybe your watches! 

  4. I can see why he invited Cammie.....she's a CUTIE! I roasted a whole chicken yesterday!!!!!!!!!Bionic Woman, man, its been a while since I saw that one.You are such a CUTIE too! Miss you LOTS!I think your baskets would sell nicely- especially when they smell them!

  5. What great pictures! Love the piano recital pictures, brings back a lot of my childhood memories. Our oldest daughter, Anna, wants to take lessons. We just need to get the piano here! Hopefully next Spring we can do that. It's in my Grandparents basement. All the farm/pumpkin patch pictures are so fun! I'm going on a field trip tomorrow with Abigail's class to French Prarie Farms. It will be fun! Hope the rain holds off for us :)