Thursday, October 11, 2012

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window... Much cooler today.  It's about 66 degrees.  It rained a bit.  Not a good soaking like we need.  I moved my patio plants out last night so they could get a wee bit of rain water to drink.

I am thinking...
I have been thinking about chickens today.  That is the next project on the list for things on our acre farm.

I am thankful...
I am so thankful for where I live.  Did you know I prayed for 6 years to come back to this area?  It's rewarding to me that God answers my prayers, even if it takes a while for me to receive an answer.

Psalms 40:1   I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.

In the kitchen...

For tonight rice and sausage stuffed acorn squash with a green salad.

Yesterday we had Cheesey Broccoli Soup.  It was good.  We ate it all.

(cheesey broccoli soup...the last bowl...for lunch today)

I shopped on Tuesday and came home and made casseroles for the freezer.  I ran out of EZ foil pans.  I made:
  • enchilada casserole
  • ritzy chicken casserole
  • tator tot casserole
  • cheesey chicken spaghetti
I wanted to make a couple of desserts for the freezer as well but I need to get more pans.

I am wearing... khaki colored capri's,  3/4 sleeve tee and my husbands black socks, attractive huh?

I am creating...
My next big project in the creating department will be to decorate #2 son's room with those maps and few other things I have for that room.

(map wall idea)

This weekends project list:
  • purchase and lay sod in our itty-bitty grass spot in the backyard
  • start constructing that chicken house

(chicken tractor idea)

(my chicken house plan)

I am praying...praying for far away family. . .may God give them comfort, praying for the desires of my heart, for health, for wisdom, for my husband, for my children, for friendships

I am reading/watching...
I am reading a new-to-me author, Beth Webb Hart.  The book is Love, Charleston

We are watching many things, not all at once, but as time allows.
  • Adam-12 

  • Quincy

 From the
learningrooms...  It has been a skill building week.  Subtraction with borrowing and spelling.

Around the house...
Around the house, things are going great.  I finished two of those dust ruffles over the weekend.  Yipee!  The place manages to stay fairly clean.  It's the outside that's calling my name!

One of my favorite things...

We are all loving this hot tub. 
We love it! We're in it at least once a day, sometimes more. It was our $400 craigslist deal.  We've done quite a bit of shopping on craigslist since moving here. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:
weekend projects planned.  Nothing exciting.

A peek into my day...

A surprise picture on the camera.  #2 son must have taken more pictures than the ones I asked for~
A palm tree he rescued from the lawn.  It appears he threw in some weeds to keep it company.

~~Have a great weekend friends!~~


  1. Love the map idea.  I covered an old steamer trunk I got at a thrift store with maps and then aged it with stain.  I loved the look, can't imagine what has happened to it but with 15 moves we manage to "loose" a lot.    Hot tub project is sweet!  And the chicken tractor idea is brilliant.  If only we had a bit more room here.

  2. Love it all. :) glad to know you're all well.

  3. Love the chicken tractor idea! Very cool! What a wonderful way to decorate a wall! My boys love maps! The hot tub looks so inviting! What a wonderful way to relax after working outside!Have missed you, dear friend! I'm trying to get caught up with everyone. My hubby's laptop fell and died off. He's been borrowing mine. (taken it over)   It's so good to catch up with everyone on here. I've missed you a lot!