Thursday, October 4, 2012

~~It's Thursday!~~

(our old swamp cooler, yes that is duct tape in the right side, no we didn't put it there, that's the way it came. )

Outside my window...  Wow, it's going to be so much cooler today.  The forecast is for 81 degrees.  Much nicer than 104 degrees which is what the temperatures were Monday and Tuesday.

I am thinking...
I am thinking that I'm pooped today and there is so much to be done while the weather is cool.  Should I do it or rest today?

I am thankful...
  "Psalms 18:30   As for God, his way is perfect. . ."

In the kitchen...It's a toss up between enchiladas or chicken.  Not sure what I feel in the mood for today.

On Monday, when it was so hot, we went to an air conditioned restaurant to eat dinner.  I had 'the BEST carne asada nacho's EVER!'  I'm still thinking about them today.  I want some more.
...From this place...

I am wearing...Nothing exciting.  Khaki colored capris and yellow tee with sequined roses.  I trimmed my bangs and combed my hair.  A good day for me.

I am creating...Not so much going on in that department today.  It's been a busy week and I'm tired.

I am going...I'm not planning on going anywhere the next few days.

I am praying...
Praying for far away family, praying for the desires of my heart, praying for God's will, praying for my children, praying for new friends.

I am reading/watching...

We're watching Christy. 

We've ordered Princess Bride so #2 son can fully experience the magic of that silly movie! 

I am looking forward to...
the weekend.  My manly man has a project list of things to build for me around the house:
  • gazebo over the new hot tub

  • chicken tractor
  • raised garden beds for garden

 Around the house...Things are fairly clean.  I need to empty the dishwasher. 

Remember the other day when I said we had traveled to a few of the area nurseries to find bushes to fix the hedge my husband 'trimmed' for neighbor?  This is what he did with them so far. . .

Grandpa Burt didn't like seeing through the hedge.

We've been camping out on the porch the last few nights.  It's been so hot in the house.  It cools down rather nicely out on the porch.  It's like free camping!

From the learning rooms...Work is progressing nicely.  I do however need to get my books out and study my lessons!

Piano lessons resumed this week.  Both the student and I are very happy with his new teacher.  She also happens to be the Pastor's wife of the church we are attending.  She is LOVELY!

Thank You Shannon! @jssteph7

One of my favorite things...
  I bought an Apple pie yesterday.  I know. . .shame on me.  I should have made one.  But these are so delicious. . .honest!  I've eaten half of it by myself.  Really  (my manly man has his weigh in at the end of the month)
Something to Share. . . Our first home school field trip was yesterday. We took our small homeschool group and joined a group from another church.  I think we had about 40 or so.  We enjoyed picking apples from an apple orchard and trying our hand at pressing apples for cider.

Part of the group.

The farmers demonstrating . . . pressing the cider.

More group.

The farmers.

Our students~
Julianna (6), Ethan(3), Timothy(9) and Sully(9)

Ethan giving me his best smile.

Teacher Betheelou found herself a little girl to steal enjoy.  I call her
Princess Julianna

Have a great weekend dear friends!


  1. woohoo, a new hot tub gazebo!  Seems like forever ago I did the homechool field trips.....oh wait, it was like forever ago!    Glad that the temps here are finally cooling down.  Camping on your porch, ingenious  Everybody needs a copy of the princess bride!!!!

  2. I enjoy reading about your week through these posts.Those nachos look delish!  I had the best carne asada fries down there several years ago.  So good...I still think about them.It's been smokin' hot here too.  I was so thankful for a layer of fog this morning to cool things down a bit.You look great in the last picture...good colors on you.  Have a good weekend!  

  3. I love the Christy show!! Where do you get the books? I would love to read them.

  4. Ahhhh ~ how I would love to soak my sore back in that gorgeous hot tub!

  5. @Naomi Houston - That should read "We are watching"  The Christy is a series we're watching on netflix.  As far as I know, there is only one book Christy by Catherine Marshall.  I find almost all my reading books at the library.  We love library trips.

  6. Love the free camping! Looks wonderful! Love seeing all the wonderful plants! You must have a green thumb!How wonderful to have your pastor's wife teaching your son piano! What an awesome blessing!