Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello Saturday!

Hello Saturday! 

Outside my window...  The weather is super, fatastic and wonderful.  The last few days have been sunny in the mid to low 70's.  Cool at night so the sleeping is good.

I am thinking... 
I'm thinking. . .always thinking. . .

the Lord MUST be coming back soon
almost a year has gone by since our move
my children are getting older
I wonder what I will be doing a few years from now?

I am thankful...
"For thou, Lord, hast made glad through thy work, I will triumph in the works of thy hands."
Psalms 92:4

In the kitchen... 
From the kitchen today, we had hamburger, stroganoff gravy with rice and parmesan, garlic zucchini (the zucchini was from our garden!) with a pear salad.
Tomorrow we will be having grilled hamburgers and french fries.
Monday I'd like to take a picnic up to the mountains in the Toyota and drive a trail or two with my guys.

I am wearing... 
I have on tan shorts and an olive green tank top.  I painted my toes today- dusty rose colored.  My hair has been growing really fast since my surgery.  I've been keeping it layered and the bangs short.  I want it to grow long enough so I can pull it back in a clip. 

Tomorrow for church I am going to wear a new outfit from the thrift store.  It's a pretty blue summer dress and some leather sandals.  Total outfit cost $22.  (I had to take the sandals to the shoe man to have the toe box stretched out!)  I'll have to get one of my guys to take a picture of me in the outfit tomorrow.

I am creating... 
Let's see, I've not worked in the yard since last week.  We need to get some compost or chips to spread on the flower beds.  I think if we get the free stuff, it will be many loads, in our truck at least 7 loads!

Today I got a bug to rearrange my room.  I'm thinking about those 90 degree nights we will have in few weeks.  I think we may get a big box fan and pull the feet off of it and stick it in the front window to pull in the cool evening air.  I already have a small fan in the small window and it's been being used, especially last week when we had those two HOT days!



I am going...
  Tomorrow is church and Monday is Memorial Day. 

I am praying... 
I am praying for my married children.  Praying for far away family.  Praying for my xanga friends.  Praying for my little church.  Praying for my witness.  Praying fervently for my little friend Anna Renee.

I am reading/watching... 
I am between books at the moment.  Friday was library day and my student and I stocked up. 

We are still watching EMERGENCY!

I have a documentary on Alfred Hitchcock here as well.

I am looking forward to...
Looking forward to a day. . .praying it will be soon, that we will get some duty free days (husbands work ) to go camping in our little camp trailer we haven't used yet.

From the learning rooms... 
Still plugging on.  He is doing a lot of long division review.  He was also working on predicates.  I'm going to administer a CAT test this next week to see where he is.  That will determine whether we stop early or finish the last few weeks of the books.

Around the house... 
My bedroom smells very clean.  It's got Murphy's Oil Soap and Orange Glow mingling together.  The rest of the house is not bad.  The beds have been stripped and washed from the last round of company.  I may need to vacuum a bit this week.

A favorite quote for today...
"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln
One of my favorite things... 
my dinner was good comfort food.

A glimpse at my days...

(posing next to Uncle Ben at Legoland)

We thoroughly enjoyed our short visit with Chris, Sharon and baby Anastasia.  We went to Legoland, 4X4 driving and visiting the waterfront and Old Town, San Diego.


  1. Glad things are going well with you.  Looking forward to seeing the picture of your new outfit.  LegoLand, ooh, Matthew would love that!       It was actually warm enough here that we had the air on most of last week..........yesterday and today however, it was in the 50's and 60's! 

  2. Hubby and I were just the other day, lamenting the fact that we haven't been to San Diego in about 4 years. How sad. I love the climate there! And, of course, the ocean and Old Town and downtown and Coronado and....the train and the airport....I, too have so much to pray about.   Your little guy sure has gotten big! You should get a picture with him standing next to you!

  3. as always you're so busy.I think we have a LEGOLAND in Grapevine and that's over an hour from us here in Texas but they say it's not as good as the one in San Diego. We went to Ca. in 2005 but not since do a lot of praying. I guess I pray all day long,too.

  4. Praying you get to go camping soon!LEGOLAND looks like so much fun! Love a good deal on an outfit! Sounds like you got a terrific deal! Hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, sweet friend!