Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorialized Memorial Day

We memorialized Memorial Day together as a family.  We took the 'Toy' out to the desert to do 4X4 ing.  It was warm out in the desert but we still had fun.  My military man took us to a 'Mud Caves'  An interesting phenomenon that happens in the rainy season in the desert.  The rain water makes tunnels or caves in the gully's.  We explored a few.  We had a nice chicken picnic.  And my little man spent half the afternoon showing off 'his sexy' (that's what he calls not wearing a shirt!)


  (mica deposits in the mud walls)
(poor Banjo looks like he is chasing the Toyota... he's not...really.  We were parked.  For some reason my manly man has a fascination with taking many pictures of his 'Toy.'

Our picnic spot in the shade

my date

Sully is driving

This was blooming along with a few cactus.  The bees were buzzing everywhere around them.  We think they are Indigo Bush.

petrified wood remains


mud caves

The End!!  Have a great week Dear Friends!


  1. Great pix......looks like you had a wonderful time

  2. love the last one of banjo and Sully

  3. Love the pics!  Thanks for showing us your part of the country.  ;)